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Apple Statistics and facts

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Today's "By the Numbers" statistics post is a bit of a deviation from what you may be used to seeing here. Rather than looking at social networks, apps and services, I am looking at a company that offers a little bit of everything to the digital world. Of course, I am referring to Apple.

apple statistics and factsAfter all, if it weren't for Apple computers, devices and software, half the stuff I give you stats on probably wouldn't exist.

As most of you likely know, Apple Computer, Inc began in 1976 in the garage of co-founder Steve Jobs' childhood home. Their first product was the Apple I, which was released and sold for the equivalent of almost $3,000 in today's dollars.

Apple has had its ups and downs along the way and some could say that the lows (the 90's) were really low and the highs (the return of Jobs - present day) were/are really high. Although Steve Jobs has since left us, Apple stands as a titan of modern industry and one of the largest companies in the world.

Apple has truly revolutionized the world of technology through its innovative hardware and software solutions, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at just how gigantic their global reach is. Here are a few Apple statistics that I was able to dig up...

Apple Facts

  • Year founded: 1976 (as Apple Computer Company)
  • Website:
  • Headquarters:  Cupertino, CA
  • Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
  • CEO: Tim Cook
  • Key subsidiaries: Beats, Shazam, Texture
  • Key products: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod, AirPods, HomePod, CarPlay
  • Key services: App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Stores, iCloud, Apple Music

Important Dates in Apple History

  • Apple is founded: April 1, 1976
  • The first Apple computer (Apple I) is released: July 1976
  • The Apple II is released: 1977
  • The Apple III is released: 1980
  • Apple goes public:1980
  • The Apple Lisa is released: 1983
  • Macintosh 128k is released: 1984
  • Steve Jobs is forced out of Apple: 1985
  • Apple IIgs is released: 1986
  • Mac  Plus is released: 1986
  • Mac SE and Mac II are released: 1987
  • Mac Classic and Mac LC are released: 1990
  • Powerbook is released: 1991
  • Steve Jobs returns to Apple: 1997
  • The first iMac is released: 1998
  • Power Mac G4 is released: 1999
  • Mac OS X is released: 2001
  • Apple opens the first Apple Store: 2001
  • The first iPod is released: November 10, 2001
  • Power Mac G5 is released: 2003
  • iTunes is launched: 2003
  • MacBook Pro is released: 2006
  • The first iPhone is released: June 29, 2007
  • The first iPad is released: April 3, 2010
  • Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple: 2011
  • Apple acquires Beats Electronics: 2014
  • The first Apple watch is released: 2015

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Apple Statistics

Number of Active Apple Device Users:

1.5 billion

Last updated 1/28/20

Reported number of active Mac users:

100 million users

Last updated 10/30/18

Apple's market capitalization:

$1 trillion

Last updated 8/2/18

Percentage of all Macs shipped that are notebooks:


Last updated 4/4/17

Percentage of all Macs shipped that are desktops:


Last updated 4/4/17

Average number of Macs sold per minute:


Last updated 8/1/16

Airpods' share of the wireless in-ear headphones market:


Last updated 1/15/20

Number of Airpods sold in 2019:

60 million

Amount Apple has committed to spend on Apple TV+ content:

$6 billion

Last updated 8/19/19

Number of Apple TV apps:

8,000 apps

Last updated 10/27/17

Number of Apple TV apps that are games:

2,000 apps

Last updated 10/27/17

Number of Apple TVs sold all time:

37 million

Last updated 3/8/16

Mac's share of the global operating system market:


Last updated 2/1/16

Number of iCloud users:

768 million

Last updated 2/12/16

Number of countries iCloud is available in:

175 countries

Last updated 4/21/20

Total number of Apple employees:

147,000 employees

Last updated 9/26/20

Average number of requests Siri gets per month:

10 billion

Last updated 7/8/18

Percentage of Apple mobile devices that are running iOS 13:


Last updated 10/17/19

Percentage of Apple mobile devices that are running iOS 12:


Last updated 10/17/19

Number of HomePods sold in the US to date:

3 million

Last updated 8/2/18

Number of Apple stores worldwide:

489 stores

Last updated 12/5/16

Apple Revenue Statistics

Apple annual revenue:

Apple annual net income:

Apple quarterly revenue:

Apple Software Statistics

Number of Apple News users:

125 million users

Last updated 4/30/20

Number of Final Cut Pro X users:

2 million

Last updated 4/26/18

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Number of Apple Maps users in the US:
42.07 million users

Last updated August 2014

Number of photos uploaded to Photo Stream:
9 billion

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Last updated 1/28/13

Safari's percentage of global web browser usage:

Last updated 5/1/15

Apple's share of mobile web usage:

Last updated 9/4/13

iOS' share of the global mobile operating system market:

Last updated 10/1/15

Percentage of smartphone owners that use an Apple app:

Last updated 10/8/13

Number of weekly map requests Apple Maps sees:
more than 5 billion

Last updated 12/7/15

Number of data sources that feed Apple Maps:

Last updated 12/7/15

Percentage of all UK mapping traffic that comes from Apple Maps:

Last updated 8/15/14

Number of OS X Maverick installations to date:
40 million

Last updated 6/2/14

iOS share of mobile enterprise market:

Last updated 8/11/15

iOS share of public sector mobile enterprise market:

Last updated 8/11/15

iOS share of education mobile enterprise market:

Last updated 8/11/15

iOS share of healthcare mobile enterprise market:

Last updated 8/11/15

Percent of existing Apple mobile devices that updated to iOS 9 in its first 24 hours:


Percentage of all mobile web traffic that comes from Safari:

Last updated 8/6/18

Number of GameCenter users:
240 million

Last updated 6/11/13

Number of iWork users:
over 10 million

Last updated 1/29/13

Percentage of device activations on Christmas Day 2014 that were iOS devices:

Average amount spent per order on an iOS device on Christmas Day 2014:

iOS percentage of total online traffic on Christmas Day 2014:

iOS percentage of total online sales on Christmas Day 2014:

Average number of requests Siri gets per week:
over 2 billion

Last updated 7/20/16

Annual value of Apple's enterprise business:

$25 billion

Last updated June 2015

Number of Apple stores worldwide:
489 stores

Last updated 12/5/16

Number of Apple stores in China:
32 stores

Last updated 1/11/16

Number of Countries where there is an Apple store:

Last updated 6/10/13

Amount of customers served daily at Apple stores:
Close to 1 million

Last updated 6/10/13

Estimated number of Apple Stores in China by mid-year 2016:
40 stores

Last updated 7/21/15

Number of Apple corporate offices in Greater China:

Last updated 10/22/15

Number of Apple employees in Greater China:
10,000 employees

Last updated 10/22/15

Amount of office space that Apple owns or leases in the U.S.:
25.6 million square feet

Last updated 10/29/15

Number of U.S. jobs Apple is responsible for:
1.9 million jobs

Last updated 1/6/16

Number of European jobs Apple is responsible for:
1.2 million jobs

Last updated 1/6/16

Number of Chinese jobs Apple is responsible for:
1.4 million jobs

Last updated 1/6/16

Total amount Apple has raised to fight AIDS:
$65 million

Last updated 9/26/13

Amount that Apple reportedly purchased Topsy for:
more than $200 million

Percentage of Apple revenue that comes from China:
about 15%

Last updated 10/23/14

Percentage of Apple revenue that comes from international sales:

Last updated 10/27/15

Amount Apple spent on R&D in FY 2013:
$4.5 billion

Last updated 10/30/13

Amount Apple spent on advertising in FY 2013:
$1.1 billion

Last updated 10/30/13

Amount that Apple reportedly spent on lobbying in 2013:
$3.4 million

Last updated 1/23/14

Number of companies Apple bought in FY 2013:

Apple's market capitalization:
$535 billion

Last updated 2/1/16

Amount Apple spent on lobbying in 2015:
$4.48 million

Number of Macs sold (quarterly):

Number of Macs/iPhones/iPads shipped in 2015 (combined):
300 million

Number of Macs shipped (annually)

Mac's share of U.S. PC shipments:

Last updated 7/10/15

Number of iOS devices shipped in 2015:
290 million

Apple's fastest growing market:

Last updated 4/25/14

Apple TV's share of streaming device sales:

Last updated 11/30/15

Apple's share of all mobile devices activated during Christmas week 2015: