How To: Explain the Major Social Networks Using Coffee (Infographic)

social networks coffee

Happy Coffee Day! Here is a fun infographic that tries to explain social media in terms of coffee. This is a pretty good pairing since most of us in the social media marketing world are over-caffeinated, coffee addicts.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee

Tonight’s post is about another topic I hold near and dear: coffee.

When you work a full-time+ day job, write books occasionally, run a content-heavy site like DMR and try to keep up with a 2-year-old, you tend to rely pretty heavily on coffee (and the occasional Red Bull or two). It is definitely not a stretch to say that DMR is fueled by coffee.

Here are the 10 of most interesting coffee statistics we have come across in our travels…

How To: Unlock the foursquare Fresh Brew Badge

foursquare fresh brew badge

I just checked in to the Dunkin Donuts near my office for my regular liquid-energy replenishment and was pretty surprised that I earned a foursquare Fresh Brew badge for the check-in! You’ll also like: A Small Business Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn Apparently, this new badge only requires 30 coffee shop check-ins- Not a steep requirement for […]