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By the Numbers: 60 Amazing Google Search Statistics and Facts

google logo photoOK kids, it is time for another installment of “By the Numbers” and this may be one of my most ambitious stats posts yet. Today, we look at all things Google.

Google’s influence on the digital marketing world is immeasurable and their influence touches just about every channel that we marketers work with on a daily basis.

Although Google has been doing some housekeeping over the past few years and have shed quite a few of their less successful products (and Reader, but don’t get me started), they still have a bunch of products and there are endless stats that could be added to this list. I will be updating and adding to this list periodically, so if there is a Google stat you are looking for that you don’t see here, let me know in the comments below!

Update: I have added a bunch of new Google statistics, and also broke this post out into six posts. The original post for all Google stats was getting a bit cumbersome and tough to navigate as it neared 100 stats. Hopefully, this new format will help you find the stat you are looking for much quicker. 

Here are the new Google statistic pages:

Important Dates in Google History

Google Search Statistics

  • Amount of monthly Google searches: 11.944 billion (Tweet this stat) Last updated 3/20/14

  • Number of monthly unique Google searchers: 1.17 billion (Tweet this stat) Last updated 2/11/13

  • Google share of U.S. search market: 67.5% (Tweet this stat) Last updated 3/20/14

  • Google share of U.S. mobile search market: 87.1% Last updated 3/20/14

  • Number of Monthly Unique Visitors to Google Sites: 187 million (Tweet this stat) Last updated 3/25/14

  • Number reconsideration requests Google receives: 5,000 per week (Tweet this stat) Last updated 8/28/13

  • Percentage of Google searches that are secure searches: Approx 50% (Tweet this stat) Last updated 8/28/13

  • Amount that global web traffic dipped when Google suffered a 5 minute outage: 40%

  • Percentage of Internet users that Google themselves: 56% Last updated 9/30/13

  • Number of URLs that Google was requested to remove from search in September 2013: 21.5 million

  • Percentage of keywords for Google organic traffic to major news sites that is “[not provided]“: 87% Last updated 10/16/13

  • Percentage of referral traffic to major news sites that is from search: 46% Last updated 10/16/13

  • Number of requests to “forget” personal info that have been received by Google so far: 70,000 Last updated 7/11/14

  • Percentage of U.S. mobile users that visited a Google site in 2013: 87%

  • New and expecting parents perform 2.7x more Google searches than non-parents Last updated 5/8/14

  • Percentage of maternity-related Google searches that take place on a mobile device: 56% Last updated 5/8/14

  • Percentage of Google keyword searches that return videos in the results: 65% Last updated 6/18/14

  • Percentage of Google keyword searches that return images in the results: 40% Last updated 6/18/14

  • Percentage of Google keyword searches that return news in the results: 16% Last updated 6/18/14

  • Percentage of Google keyword searches that return shopping in the results: 6% Last updated 6/18/14

  • Percentage of Google keyword searches that return maps in the results: 1% Last updated 6/18/14

  • Estimated percentage of web traffic that comes from organic search: 64% Last updated 6/11/14

  • Estimated percentage of web traffic that comes from paid search: 6% Last updated 6/11/14

Misc Google Statistics

  • Number of Google Employees: 53,891 (Tweet this stat)

  • Percentage of Google’s workforce that is male: 70% Last updated 5/29/14

  • Percentage of Google’s workforce that is female: 30% Last updated 5/29/14

  • Reported amount interns at Google earn: $5,969 per month Last updated 2/28/14

  • Amount Google spent on R&D in 2012: $9.8 billion Last updated 10/30/13

  • Amount that Google reportedly spent on lobbying in 2013: $14.1 million Last updated 1/23/14

  • Amount Google has paid out in security bug rewards: $2 million (Tweet this stat) Last updated 8/12/13

  • Amount Google paid for Bump: Between $30-60 million

  • Estimated number of Chromebooks shipped in 2013: 2.1 million

  • Percentage of US K-12 school districts using Chromebooks: 22% Last updated 10/2/13

  • Chromebook’s estimated percentage of the U.S. commercial PC market: 20% Last updated 12/23/13

  • Chromebook’s share of all computer sales to businesses in 2013: 10%

  • Chromebook’s percentage of US back-to-school PC market: 3% Last updated 10/2/13

  • Number of Chromebooks sold to schools in Q2 2014: 1 million

  • Amount of North American web traffic driven by Chrome OS: 0.2% Last updated 2/20/14

  • Google sold Chromecasts at a rate of one every 45 seconds on launch day  in the UK

  • Number of countries that Chromecast is available in: 11 Last updated 3/18/14

  • Number of Chromecast developers: 3,000 Last updated 3/18/14

  • Percentage of Americans that won’t wear Google Glass due to privacy concerns: 72% Last updated 4/7/14

  • Lines of code generated from the Google Summer of Code program: 50 million lines Last updated 10/8/13

  • Amount Google reportedly purchased Motorola Mobility for in 2011: $12.5 billion 

  • Amount Google reportedly sold Motorola Mobility for to Lenovo in 2014: $2.91 billion

  • Amount that Google spent on data centers during Q2 2014: $2.65 billion

  • Google increase in revenue from Q2 2013- Q2 2014: 22%

  • Google Q2 2014 Revenue: $16 billion

  • Google Q2 2014 net income: $3.42 billion

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these stats come from Google’s own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate. 

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