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Shopify Statistics and Facts

Some of you may not have heard of Shopify before, but if you have a small business and are interested in selling items online (who isn't these days?), you really should become familiar with them. Their platform makes it easy for retailers to setup an online store quickly and they have convinced hundreds of thousands of businesses to use their services. Shopify Statistics and FactsSo just how big has Shopify become? Here are the more interesting Shopify statistics and facts I was able to dig up. As always, I will be adding more and updating these periodically as I find new stuff. Be sure to check back regularly.

Shopify Facts

  • Year launched: 2004
  • Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada
  • Founders: Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake

Shopify Statistics

Number of Shopify merchants:

1 million merchants

Last updated 5/1/20

Average monthly unique visitors to Shopify merchant shops:

319 million visitors

Last updated 1/1/20

Average monthly browsing sessions on Shopify merchant shops:

3.2 billion sessions

Last updated 1/1/20

Average Shopify orders per month:

65.5 million orders

Last updated 1/1/20

Number of people that use Shopify Arrive:

16 million consumers

Last updated 4/28/20

Amount that has been processed by Shop Pay:

$8 billion

Last updated 4/28/20

Number of Shopify merchant clients:


Last updated 5/4/16

Percentage of Shopify merchants that have enabled social selling:


Last updated 2/16/16

Percentage of Shopify traffic that comes from mobile:


Last updated 2/15/18

Percentage of Shopify sales that come from mobile:


Last updated 2/15/18

Number of apps available in the Shopify App Store:

2400 apps

Last updated 9/5/18

Number of Shopify App Store downloads to date:

7 million

Last updated 8/1/17

Total amount of sales processed on Shopify to date:

$63 billion 

Last updated 9/5/18

Number of countries Shopify has merchants in:

175 countries

Last updated 1/1/20

Shopify merchant geographical distribution:

  • US: 52%
  • UK: 7%
  • Canada: 6%
  • Australia: 6%
  • Rest of World: 29%

Last updated 1/1/20 (source)

Number of people that actively use the Shopify backend platform:

1.2 million people

Last updated 8/1/17

Amount that Shopify Capital has advanced to date:

$130 million

Last updated 10/31/17

Number of Shopify employees:


Last updated 9/5/18

Shopify revenue (annual):

Shopify Gross Merchandise Volume / GMV (annual):

Shopify increase in revenue from 2014-2015:


Shopify increase in GMV from 2014-2015:


Number of Shopify merchants in the UK:

80,000 merchants

Last updated 6/14/20