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Shazam Statistics and Facts

Here are a few Shazam statistics and facts I was able to dig up so far including how many people use Shazam and much more. As with all of my stat posts, this one will be updated whenever I stumble on new and interesting stats.

Shazam Statistics and FactsWhen having a conversation about digital heavyweights, the odds are good that Shazam doesn't come up all that often. Shazam is just one of those apps that we all have and generally take for granted. Since it doesn't have the user-to-user interaction that social networks and messaging apps have, we don't think about just how massive a user base Shazam has.

Shazam Facts

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Launch Year: 1999
  • Founders: Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang, Dhiraj Mukherjee, Mark Anthony Hash
  • Parent Company: Apple
  • What is Shazam?

Shazam is a mobile app that recognizes music and TV around you. It is the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love.

Shazam Statistics

How many Shazam downloads:

1 billion downloads
Last updated 10/21/17

Estimated number of Shazam annual users:

300 million - 400 million

Last updated 1/26/18

How many people use Shazam monthly?

150 million

Last updated 1/26/18

Number of verified artists on Shazam:


Last updated 9/29/16

Number of cumulative followers for verified artists on Shazam:

3 billion

Last updated 9/29/16

Number of Shazams all time:

30 billion 

Last updated 9/29/16

Percentage of Shazam users that have tagged a TV program or commercial:


Last updated 8/20/14

Number of digital music downloads that Shazam drives daily:

400,000 songs

Last updated 8/20/14

Number of times users "Shazam" each day:

20 million

Last updated 8/20/19

Number of patents Shazam has been granted:


Last updated 8/20/14

Total number of Shazam tags:

12 billion tags

Last updated 10/30/18

Number of times Shazam is downloaded monthly:

13 million times

Last updated 10/30/18

Percentage of all music downloads that come from Shazam:


Last updated 11/9/15

Average number of clicks on Shazam advertisers daily:

1 million

Last updated 9/29/16

Percentage of people that Shazam a TV ad that spend time with the brand on their pages:


Last updated 9/30/16

Number of Shazam employees:

250 employees

Last updated 11/9/15

Reported amount of funding Shazam has raised:

$136 million

Last updated 6/15/16

Shazam's reported value:

over $1 billion

Last updated 6/15/16

Number of countries Shazam has users in:

190 countries

Last updated 10/21/17

Reported amount Apple paid for Shazam:

$400 million

Most Shazamed track of 2017:

Ed Sheeran - 'Shape of You'

Most Shazamed artist of 2017:

Ed Sheeran

Most Shazamed track of 2016:

Sia - 'Cheap Thrills'

Most Shazamed Artist of 2016:


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