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Here are a few of the most interesting Roku statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Roku Facts

  • Roku Statistics and FactsOfficial website:
  • Launch date: 2002
  • Headquarters: Los Gatos, CA
  • Creator: Anthony Wood

What is Roku?

Roku is a TV set-top video-streaming device and smart TV manufacturer. Roku pioneered streaming for the TV and aspires to power every TV in the world. As of June 2016 the Roku OS powered TV streaming for 10+ million monthly active accounts. Roku is known for streaming innovation and high customer engagement, offering content providers and video advertisers the best way to reach streaming audiences. (source)

Top Roku Competitors

Roku Statistics

How many subscribers does Roku have?

Number of Roku devices in use:

41 million

Last updated 7/12/19

Average amount of time Roku users spend watching it monthly:

50 hours per month

Last updated 1/2/17

Average amount of time Roku users spend watching it each day:

3.5 hours per day

Last updated 5/9/19

Roku's share of the US over the top device video market:


Last updated 6/16/16

Amount of content streaming Roku users do weekly:

37 million hours per week

Last updated 9/16/14

Percentage of U.S. households that own, or have owned a Roku device:


Last updated 9/16/14

Amount of content streamed on Roku (annual):

Amount of content streamed on Roku:

Number of smart TVs Roku has sold in the US:

1 million

Last updated 1/4/16

Reported value of Roku:

$1.3 billion

Last updated 9/28/17

Number of countries Roku is available in:

10 countries

Last updated 12/21/16

Estimated amount of funding Roku has raised:

$200 million

Last updated 1/29/16

Top searched-for actress of 2016 on Roku:

Sandra Bullock

Top searched-for actor of 2016 on Roku:

Tom Hanks

Top searched-for TV show of 2016 on Roku:

The Walking Dead

Top searched-for TV movie of 2016 on Roku:

The Martian

Number of Roku employees:

1,111 employees

Last updated 1/1/19

Number of Roku TV models available in North America:


Last updated 1/3/17

Percentage of all US smart TV sales that Roku accounts for:


Last updated 7/2/19

1 out of every 8 smart TV sold in the US runs Roku OS.

Last updated 1/3/17

Number of movies available on Roku TV:


Last updated 1/3/17

Number of streaming channels available on Roku TV:

4,500 channels

Last updated 1/3/17

Amount of content Roku users streamed in December 2016:

1 billion hours of video and music

Amount that streaming on Roku grew during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic:

50% increase

Roku Revenue Statistics:

Roku revenue (annual)

Roku revenue (quarterly):

Roku average revenue per user:

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