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momo statistics facts

Here are the more interesting Momo statistics and facts I was able to dig up. As always, I will be adding more and updating these periodically as I find new stuff. Be sure to check back regularly.

momo statistics facts

With all the commotion surrounding messaging apps in the United States, we sometime over look the fact that some of the biggest messaging apps in the world are not only based in other countries, but some have hundreds of millions of users and don't focus on the U.S. at all. This is the case of Momo, a gigantic Chinese messaging app with a twist. Momo uses the location of the user to help find other users to chat with. The thought is that it connects users with similar interests who are close-by and would normally never meet.

Momo has been popping up quite a bit in my feeds lately, so I decided to take a look at just how poplar their service is. Here are a few of the more interesting Momo statistics I was able to dig up. As always, I will be updating this post semi-regularly, so be sure to come back again in the future.

Momo Facts

  • Year Momo was founded: 2011
  • Momo headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Momo founders: Tang Yan; Zhang Sichuan; Lei Xiaoliang; Yong Li; Li Zhiwei
  • Momo Subsidiaries: Tantan

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Momo Statistics

How many people use Momo?

180 million registered users

Last updated 1/5/16

Number of Momo active monthly users:

114.4 million users

Last updated 5/28/20

Total Momo paying users:

12.8 million

Last updated 5/28/20

Momo revenue (annual):

Momo quarterly revenue:

Monthly active Momo Life users:

30 million users

Last updated April 2016

Number of active Momo game players:

6.2 million

Last updated 5/22/15

Number of Momo daily active users:

25.5 million

Last updated 9/30/14

Number of Momo paid live video subscribers:

17.7 million users

Last updated 1/1/19

Number of Momo VIP members:

3.4 million

Last updated 11/11/16

Number of groups on Momo:

4.5 million groups

Last updated 9/30/14

Number of Momo Chinese mobile users:

13.433 million active users

Last updated 3/5/14

Percentage of Momo users that are between 19-32 years old:


Last updated 9/24/14

Number of Momo employees:

1,244 employees

Last updated 3/16/18

Daily average number of one-to-one messages sent on Momo:

655.2 million messages

Last updated 9/30/14

Average daily number of messages sent by Momo daily active users:

26 messages

Last updated 9/30/14

Number of Momo paying live stream users:

3.5 million

Last updated 3/8/17

Percentage of Momo revenue that comes from live streaming:


Last updated 3/8/17

Momo jump in revenue from 2015-2016:


Last updated 7/27/17

What is Momo?

MOMO is a geographically based open mobile video social application launched by Momo (NASDAQ:MOMO) and is currently China's largest pan-social gaming platform. At MOMO, you can display yourself through videos, texts, voices, pictures, find people nearby based on geographical location, join nearby groups, and establish real, effective, and healthy social relationships. (source)

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