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Meituan Facts and Statistics

Here are a few of the most interesting Meituan facts and statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Meituan Facts and StatisticsMeituan Facts

Meituan Statistics

How many people use Meituan?

Number of merchants on Meituan:

Number of Meituan-Dianping delivery staff members:


Last updated 7/12/18

Average number of transactions per Meituan user:

Meituan annual revenue:

Share of Meituan revenue that comes from food delivery:


Last updated 1/1/18

Meituan's share of China's food-delivery market:


Last updated 6/25/18

Meituan's share of China's hotel-booking market:


Last updated 6/22/18

Number of transactions made on Meituan in 2017:

5.8 billion

Amount that was transacted on Meituan in 2018:

$76.7 billion

Amount that was transacted on Meituan in 2017:

$57 billion

Peak number of orders placed on Meituan per day:

21 million orders

Last updated 10/20/17

Meituan daily gross merchandise value:

RMB 555 million

Last updated 7/12/17

Amount that Meituan generated in gross merchandise volume in 2014:

RMB46 billion (US $7.4 billion)

Percentage of Meituan sales that come from mobile:


Last updated 1/4/15

Number of cities Meituan covers:

2,800 cities

Last updated 7/26/18

Number of hotel bookings for Meituan in 2017:

2 billion

Number of Meituan employees:


Last updated 3/24/18

Reported value of Meituan:

$30 billion

Last updated 3/23/18

Reported amount Meituan paid for Mobike:

$2.7 billion

What is Meituan?

China's No. 1 Marketplace for Services and O2O (Online to Offline) Platform. Meituan was founded in March 2010 in Beijing as China's first groupbuy website. Today, Meituan is China's largest provider for local services with leading market position, tremendous annual turnover growth, and over 130 million annual active purchasers. (source)