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kik messenger statistics facts

Here are some of the more interesting Kik Messenger Statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I will be updating and adding to this post semi-regularly.

When you think of the global hotbeds of tech activity, you often think of places like California, China and India and Canada usually doesn't immediately come to mind. You might be surprised to read that one of the hottest chat/messaging apps around is actually headquartered in our neighbor to the north in Waterloo, Ontario.

kik messenger statistics facts Kik Messenger was one of the earlier (2009) entries in this current wave of chat apps and has quietly amassed 300  million users and a very active base among U.S. teens. While their user total is impressive, it pales in comparison to the massive bases for apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE. That said, Kik Messenger is consistently one of the most searched-for companies in my digital stat directory, often ranking higher than their larger competitors, so I thought it was time to do a stat post specifically for them.

Kik Messenger Facts

  • Website:
  • Messenger Release Date:  2009
  • Headquarters:  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Parent Company: MediaLab
  • Mobile Apps:   iOS |  Android

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik is a chat platform popular with U.S. teens where people can chat with friends and connect with chat-based services.

Kik Messenger Statistics

How many people use Kik Messenger?

300 million users

Last updated 12/15/16

Number of Kik monthly users:

15 million

Last updated 9/26/17

Percentage of US teens that use Kik Messenger:


Last updated 9/5/17

Number of countries with Kik Messenger users:

230 countries

Last updated 12/15/16

Average amount of time users spend on Kik:

35 minutes

Last updated 1/28/15

Number of bots on Kik:

20,000 bots

Last updated 8/3/16

Number of approved bots in the Kik Bot Shop:

100 bots

Last updated 8/3/16

Number of messages that have been exchanged with bots on Kik:

2 billion messages

Last updated 9/5/17

Percentage of Kik bot users that are between the ages of 13-24:


Last updated 5/30/20

Amount Kik has raised in funding to date:

$120.5 million

Last updated 5/30/20

Amount that Kik reportedly raised during its 2017 token distribution event:

$100 million

Number of people that participated in Kik's 2017 token distribution event:


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Percentage of Kik bot users that are from the US:


Last updated 8/4/16

Number of brands that are included in Kik's Bot Shop:

70 brands

Last updated 8/4/16

Number of brands advertising on Kik:

40 brands

Last updated 8/4/16

Percentage of Kik Messenger users that are in the U.S.:


Last updated 11/6/14

Number of Kik Messenger employees:

100 employees

Last updated 9/29/16

Number of mobile websites shared on Kik Messenger daily:

2.5 million sites

Last updated 12/15/16

Number of Kik users that have had chats with brands on it:

16 million

Last updated 10/6/15

Number of messages brands have sent out on Kik Messenger:

2  billion messages

Last updated 8/4/16

Percentage of brand messages on Kik Messenger that are read in the first hour:


Last updated 11/27/14

Number of Kik Messenger users that follow a brand on it:

6.5 million users

Last updated 11/6/14

Percentage of global adult internet users that use Kik Messenger monthly:


Last updated 11/20/14

Percentage of APAC adult internet users that use Kik Messenger monthly:


Last updated 11/20/14

Percentage of Kik Messenger users that share content daily:


Last updated 11/11/14

Average number of new Kik Messenger users being added daily:


Last updated 11/1/9/14

Number of Kik Messenger messages that have been sent and received by promoted chats accounts:

89 million

Last updated 11/11/14