iPad Facts and Statistics (2021) | By the Numbers

Last Updated on: July 7th, 2022

iPad Facts and Statistics (2021) | By the Numbers

 iPad facts and statistics

iPads burst on the scene and were a major disruption to the PC market right from the start. 9 years later, sales of iPads may have slowed a bit, but they are no less useful and still play a major role in our daily routines.

Here is a comprehensive list of the iPad facts and statistics that you need to know. This is an offshoot of my original Apple stat post that was becoming unmanageable with the amount of stats that had been added to it. I hope you find this data helpful.

iPad Facts and Statistics

Date of first iPad release:

April 3, 2010

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iPad revenue for Apple (annual):

Q1 2020 (1.11 billion) saw the highest amount of iPad app downloads since Q3 2016 (1.16 billion).

Monthly iPad app downloads:

438 million

Last updated March 2020

Number of iPads sold in 2019:

49.9 million

Percentage of tablets sold in 2019 that were iPads:


Percentage of mobile web traffic from tablets that comes from iPads:


Last updated June 2014

Number of iPads sold (all time):

400 million iPads

Last updated 10/30/18

Average number of iPads sold every minute:

79 iPads sold

Last updated 8/1/16

Average number of iPad Pros sold per minute:

28 iPad Pros sold

Last updated 8/1/16

2015 was the first year the iPad dropped in sales since its introduction.

iPad percentage of tablet usage in North America:


Last updated 7/22/14

Amount that charging your iPad costs:

$1.50 per year

Last updated 9/24/15

Number of native iPad apps:

over 1 million apps

Last updated October 2019

iPad’s share of all streaming video starts from tablets:


Last updated 6/5/15

iPad’s share of the overall tablet market:

Number of iPads sold (quarterly):

Number of iPads sold in 2013:

71.1 million

iPad’s tablet usage share in US/Canada:


Last updated 1/27/14

iPad’s tablet market share in China:


Last updated 8/21/13

Percentage of iPad shipments that are iPad Minis:


Last updated 10/1/13

Percentage of iPad revenues from iPad Minis:


Last updated 10/1/13

iPad’s share of the tablet market for the education sector:


Last updated 10/30/14

iPad’s share of global tablets sold in 2013:


Last updated 3/3/14

Estimated amount it costs to build the iPad Air:

between $274-$361

Last updated 11/5/13

Percentage of tablets in China that are iPads:


Last updated 8/1/14

Image credit: Matthew Pearce  via flickr

Photo by Sean MacEntee

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