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Houseparty Facts and Statistics

Here are a few of the most interesting Houseparty facts and statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Houseparty Facts and StatisticsPlease note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these Houseparty stats come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

Houseparty Facts

Houseparty Statistics


Houseparty number of users:

2 million monthly users

Last updated 12/9/16

Average total daily time spent on Houseparty:

20 million minutes

Last updated 11/21/16

Number of Houseparty sign-ups during the Coronavirus lockdown:

50 million sign-ups

Last updated 4/15/20

Number of times Houseparty has been installed on a device:

35 million times

Last updated 6/12/19

Percentage of Houseparty installs that have come from outside the US:


Last updated 6/12/19

Average amount of time spent daily by a Houseparty user in it:

55 minutes per day

Last updated 10/30/18

Average number of times Houseparty users open the app daily:

5.5 times per day

Last updated 12/9/16

Percentage of Houseparty users that are under the age of 24:

more than 50%

Last updated 8/12/18

Reported amount of funding for Houseparty to date:

$70 million

Last updated 3/21/19

Number of Houseparty employees:

20 people

Last updated 9/26/16

Median number of friends per Houseparty user:


Last updated 8/12/18

Percentage of Houseparty users that consider their friends on it 'real friends':


Last updated 8/12/18

Number of games of Heads Up that have been played on Houseparty to date:

10 million

Last updated 3/21/19