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eBay Statistics and Facts

Here are some of the more interesting eBay statistics and facts I was able to dig up. As always, I will be adding to and updating these stats as I stumble across more.

With a great deal of the ecommerce buzz lately focused on Amazon, Alibaba and Google (to a lesser extent, but they are trying), it is pretty amazing how under-the-radar a company as big as eBay has gone recently.

eBay Statistics and FactsIt seems like the only time we hear about eBay these days is when something goes wrong like a security issue or an SEO fiasco. Well, while the others make the headlines, eBay is chugging along and selling a bunch of merchandise.

I decided to sit down and see just how big eBay is and what kind of activity they see. I was amazed at the numbers that came up. Clearly, they are still an ecommerce force to be reckoned with.

eBay Facts

  • eBay Launch Year: 1995 (eBay is 24 years old)
  • eBay Headquarters:  San Jose, CA
  • eBay Creator: Pierre Omidyar
  • eBay CEO: Devin Wenig
  • Key eBay Subsidiaries: Kijiji, Stubhub, Half.com, Gumtree
  • Former eBay Subsidiary: PayPal
  • What is eBay?

eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) is where the world goes to shop, sell and give. Whether you’re buying new or used, common or luxurious, trendy or rare – if it exists in the world, it’s probably for sale on eBay. Our great value and unique selection helps every person find their version of perfect, no matter what it is. (source)

Key eBay Competitors:

eBay Statistics

How many people use eBay?

185 million active buyers

Last updated 3/2/21

How many people sell on eBay?

19 million sellers

Last updated 3/2/21

Total number of eBay listings:

1.7 billion

Last updated 3/2/21

Number of eBay Classifieds users:

250 million

Last updated 1/25/17

eBay GMV (annual):

eBay revenue (annual):

eBay GMV (quarterly):

eBay revenue (quarterly):

Ebay 1999

Ebay.com as it appeared in April 1999. Source: web.archive.org

Total number of global eBay app downloads:

514 million downloads

Last updated 6/14/20

Percentage of eBay revenue that comes from outside the U.S.:


Last updated 9/5/17

Amount the eBay for Charity raised for charities in 2019:

$112 million

Number of items listed to benefit charity on eBay in 2019:

19 million products

Number of charities enrolled on eBay:

83,500 charities 

Last updated 2/14/20

Number of eBay sellers using managed payments:

1 million

Last updated 12/31/20

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Percentage of goods on eBay that are new:


Last updated 10/19/16

Average number of packages being sent daily in the US by eBay sellers:

1.5 million

Last updated 7/25/19

Number of times eBay’s app, Close5, has been downloaded:

7 million

Last updated 4/18/16

Number of markets eBay operates local classified businesses in:

17 markets

Last updated 4/18/16

Women sellers earn an average of 80 cents on every dollar that men earn on eBay.

Last updated 2/26/16

Number of markets eBay has buyers in:

190 markets

Last updated 9/5/17

Number of eBay sellers in the US:

6.7 million sellers

Last updated 9/5/17

Percentage of items sold on eBay that are new items:


Last updated 9/5/17

How many eBay employees are there?

12,600 employees

Last updated 9/5/17

Highest priced transaction on eBay in 2017:

Lunch with Warren Buffett for charity

Number of eBay advertisers:


Last updated 4/23/1

Percentage of eBay sales that are "touched" by mobile:


Last updated 10/19/16

Percentage of eBay closed sales that comes from mobile:


Last updated 1/1/16

Number of daily searches on eBay:

250+ million searches

Last updated 12/30/14

Number of hourly searches on eBay:

11 million searches

Last updated 10/23/14

Number of packages ebay's Global Shipping Center processes daily:

20,000 packages

Last updated 12/30/14

Number of ebay deals available every day:

19,000 deals

Last updated 12/16/14

Number of eBay millionaires in Europe:

almost 2,000

Last updated 9/5/17

Amount eBay has raised for charity since 2003:

$725 million

Last updated 9/5/17

Amount of revenue eBay generated in 2015 in classified services:

more than $700 million

Average monthly time spent per user on the eBay app:

150 minutes

Last updated 9/11/15

Percentage of eBay sales that cross international borders:

Approx 20%

Last updated 10/23/14

Percentage of eBay users that are multi-screen shoppers:

more than half

Last updated 12/9/14

Percentage of eBay employees that are female:


Last updated7/31/14

Percentage of eBay leadership that are women:


Last updated 7/31/14

A woman's handbag sells on eBay every 6 seconds.

Last updated 3/10/16

A pair of shoes sells on eBay every 2 seconds.

Last updated 3/8/16

The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a yacht that went for $168 million.

Last updated 3/10/16

Percentage of eBay items sold in US, UK and DE that ship for free:


Last updated 1/1/16

Amount of eBay mobile commerce volume in 2015:

$33 billion

Number of languages eBay apps are available in:

8 languages

Last updated 3/8/16

Number of markets eBay apps are available in:

190 markets

Last updated 3/8/16

Number of eBay listings that have been created via a mobile device:

1.4 billion

Last updated 3/8/16

Average number of new eBay listings created via mobile weekly:

12.6 million

Last updated 9/5/17

Number of countries ebay has localized websites in:

25 countries

Last updated 12/30/14

Percentage of transactions on the eBay Marketplace that ship for free:


Last updated 9/5/17