Doughnut Facts and Statistics (2022) | By the Numbers

Last Updated on: January 3rd, 2022

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Doughnut Facts and Statistics (2022) | By the Numbers

Every now and then, I stray a bit from the normal business and marketing statistics you are used to finding here and focus a post or two on other interesting topics. With National Doughnut Day almost upon us (6/1), I figured this would be a good time to take a quick look at everyone’s favorite sweet pastry snack. Here is a quick rundown of the most interesting doughnut facts and statistics I was able to dig up. I hope you find this helpful and fun.

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Doughnut Facts and Statistics

Original name of doughnuts:

“olykoeks” (oily cakes)

Earliest mention of the term “doughnut”:


Is it “doughnut” or “donut?”

Either. Both are acceptable terms, although “doughnut” is the older of the two.

Official date of National Doughnut Day in the US:

The first Friday in June

First year that National Doughnut Day was celebrated:


The largest doughnut of all time was created in Sydney in 2007.

Average number of doughnuts consumed by Americans annually:

10 billion

Estimated size of the US doughnut industry:

$3.6 billion

City with the most doughnut shops per person:

Boston (I am actually writing this post in one right now!)

Please note: as with all of my stats posts, I rely on third party news and information sites for my data. The posts are aimed at aggregating the data I find most interesting and all stats are linked to their source. In other words, I strive for accuracy, but don’t guarantee anything.