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Craigslist Statistics and Facts

For us millennials, Craigslist has been around for most of our lives and, for most of that time, has been as much a part of our internet experience as Google and Wikipedia. It is a relatively low-key site (with a few glaring exceptions over the years) that just keeps providing a steady and reliable service year after year.

I recently spent a little quality time looking up and compiling Craigslist statistics. Here are the more interesting ones I was able to find. As always, I will be adding to and updating this post periodically as new stats become available, so be sure to bookmark and check back often.

Craigslist Facts

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  • Website: craigslist.org
  • Craigslist launch date: 1995
  • Craigslist Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA
  • Craigslist Founder: Craig Newmark
  • Craigslist CEO: Jim Buckmaster

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist - a place to buy, sell, rent, hire, share, meet, swap, discuss, find, serve, connect, give away, announce, work, collect, care, perform, learn, marvel, mentor, befriend, fall in love, and/or save the world. (source)

Craigslist Statistics

How many people use Craigslist?

60 million usersTweet this stat

Last updated 11/14/17

Average number of monthly pageviews for Craigslist:

50 billion pageviews per month

Last updated 11/14/17

Number of languages supported by Craigslist:

13 languages

Last updated 11/14/17

Average number of classified ads posted on Craigslist monthly:

80 million ads

Last updated 11/14/17

Average number of monthly job listings posted on Craigslist:

more than 1 million job listings

Last updated 11/14/17

Number of monthly user postings in Craigslist discussion forums:

200 million postings

Last updated 11/14/17

Number of topical discussion forums on Craigslist:

100 forums

Last updated 11/14/17

How many employees does Craigslist have?

40 Craigslist employees

Last updated 11/14/17

Number of Craigslist local sites:

 More than 700 sites

Last updated 11/14/17

Number of countries that Craigslist operates in:

70 countries

Last updated 11/14/17

Estimated Craigslist revenue for 2018:

$1.03 billion

Estimated Craigslist revenue for 2016:

$690 million

Estimated Craigslist revenue for 2015:

$396 million

Estimated value of Craigslist:

at least $3 billion

Last updated 5/3/17

Portion of Craigslist that is still owned by Craig Newmark:


Last updated 5/3/17

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