Digital Marketing Ramblings Disclosures

DMR Participates in Google’s AdSense Program

We participate in Google’s AdSense program. Throughout this site, you will see ads marked with the “AdChoices” logo. When a visitor clicks any of these ads, we are compensated with a commission. The ads shown through this program are selected by Google based on the relevancy of the content. We have very little control over what advertising is shown and it in no way impacts our posts.

DMR is An Affiliate of Bluehost

We participate in Bluehost’s affiliate advertising program. Ads from this program can be found throughout this site. When a visitor signs up for Bluehost hosting via one of these ads, we are compensated with a commission. Here is Bluehost’s privacy policy.

DMR Participates in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program

Digital Marketing Ramblings is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Many of the items in our many gadget posts, and other posts, are covered in this program.

DMR Particpates in Taboola’s Advertising Program

We participate in Taboola’s content marketing platform which advertises content on external websites. We are compensated for traffic referrals to the articles advertised.

Other Disclosures

DMR receives compensation for jobs directly posted on the DMR job board and a small referral fee from SimplyHired for jobs that are indirectly placed.

I used to belong to the Klout Perks program. In no way did receiving products from this program impact my opinion of a product or fair reporting of news that involves them. In the interest of full transparency, Below is a list of the products sent to me through this program:

  • Red Bull 4-pack
  • Gift Card to Chili’s Bar & Grill
  • Sony POV Action Cam
  • Motorola S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones