Advertising on DMR

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DMR advertiser!

DMR reaches a very diverse and engaged audience. While our main topic is digital marketing, we attract much more than marketers because of our creative stats posts, fun infographics, tech gadget showcases, strategy sessions and stories about the intersection of marketing and pop culture.

DMR’s audience is quickly growing, rocketing up the Alexa ratings and currently ranking around 33,000 on their worldwide chart. Thousands of unique visitors come to DMR every day to read our slightly different take on what is going on in the digital marketing and social media worlds and find out how many people are using the various digital products.

We have also added an insider community recently, which has already attracted over 300 of the top digital marketing writers to contribute on a regular basis. Not to mention that our email subscriber list now tops 40,000 and our Twitter following is well past 50,000.

All of this makes DMR a great place to advertise. We have a number of advertising options and can work with your team to customize a solution and maximize your return. To find out more about what we have to offer, please contact us today and we can figure out the best way to maximize your exposure on DMR.