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DMR reaches a very diverse and engaged audience. While our main topic is digital marketing, we attract much more than marketers because of our creative stats posts, fun infographics, tech gadget showcases, strategy sessions and stories about the intersection of marketing and pop culture.

DMR Stats

DMR’s audience is quickly growing, rocketing up the Alexa ratings and currently ranking around 33,000 on their worldwide chart and top 14,000 in the US. Since we all like stats, here are a few more numbers:

Monthly Pageviews           210,000Monthly Visitors                                          105,000
Mobile Visitors                       24%Gender Breakdown               54% Male, 46% Female
Twitter Followers                52,000Age Group                                            18-44 (76%)
Google+ Followers              12,500Top 4 Locations      US, UK, Canada, Australia, India

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336×280Daily New Post Notification Email)$6Contact Us

Additional Advertising Options

Sponsored Post$2,000Contact Us
Sponsored Gadget$500Contact Us