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Here is a collection of the latest Facebook News, Strategy and Tips. I am constantly adding and updating articles, so be sure to check back regularly!

Facebook Advertising Targeting – Is It Worth It?

It used to be that organizations would launch a Facebook page, invite some friends, post a little bit, and see organic growth. That was back before Facebook went public. Their main interest was building a user base, and monetizing their user base was secondary. When the user base got into the hundreds of millions and the next logical step was an IPO, Facebook needed to show revenue. And their ad platform has been rather effective in doing so.

3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations. Benefit 3: Social Media

Companies of all sizes and in just about every industry are desperate to figure out social media and find ways that they can stand out from the ever-growing glut of social brands competing for the same news feeds and followers. Building a close relationship between your public relations and social media teams may be that advantage your company needs.

How To: Quickly Add Text to an Image for Facebook or Pinterest

I am sure you have seen them in your Facebook news feed or on Pinterest- Images with inspirational or funny quotes written on them. People love this type of image and they usually tend to rack up the high like, share, comment and repin totals.

So how does the average Facebook or Pinterest user create such an image? It’s actually really simple. You can create one in about five minutes and don’t even need Photoshop.

14 Tools You Should Be Using to Generate Blog Traffic

The old cliché “Content is King” has never been more true in the digital marketing world. New, fresh, sharable website content not only builds your brand and generates potential leads, but it also keeps your consumers engaged and connected to your brand.

Generating your content is tough, but once you come up with the killer blog post or case study, how do you let people know about it?

What is Second Screen Marketing and Why Should Brands Care About It?

The marriage of television and web is becoming closer and more integrated by the day. Second screen marketing is an excellent tool for anyone, network or brand, that wants to extend the life of their production and get a bit more bang for their investment. By bringing your viewers online, you open up all kinds of new avenues on which you can market to the viewer well after the event, show, video or ad is over.

How To: Be a Public AND Private Individual on Facebook

Many people who use Facebook for personal and work reasons struggle to find the balance between sharing somewhat personal info with friends and sharing with the world. Creating and maintaining a separate page is a boatload of work and, depending on the size of your following, may not be worth it.

In the past, you pretty much had to make the decision- do I make my life public? or do I just shut out everyone I don’t actually know? Most people elected to keep their friend list to those individuals that were close friends and thus, they were not able to enjoy some of the business benefits of growing your network and personally branding yourself.