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Here is a collection of the latest Facebook News, Strategy and Tips. I am constantly adding and updating articles, so be sure to check back regularly!

(September 2013) Here are the Latest Restaurant, Retail & Grocery Printable Facebook Coupons

A gigantic listing of every active printable coupon on Facebook that we could find, updated for September 2013. You’ll find deals for consumer goods, retailers and restaurants here.

14 Tools You Should Be Using to Generate Blog Traffic

The old cliché “Content is King” has never been more true in the digital marketing world. New, fresh, sharable website content not only builds your brand and generates potential leads, but it also keeps your consumers engaged and connected to your brand.

Generating your content is tough, but once you come up with the killer blog post or case study, how do you let people know about it?

3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations. Benefit 3: Social Media

Companies of all sizes and in just about every industry are desperate to figure out social media and find ways that they can stand out from the ever-growing glut of social brands competing for the same news feeds and followers. Building a close relationship between your public relations and social media teams may be that advantage your company needs.

A Handy Reference Chart for Social Media Image Sizes

Here is a handy infographic that offers all of the (current) social media image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. I hope you find this helpful.

App Helps You Create a Facebook Photo Collage for Your Cover Image

Pizza restaurant chain California Pizza Kitchen recently created a pretty cool Facebook app that uses your photos to create a collage for your profile cover image.

Are You a Social Media Influencer?

In the early days of social media (just a few years ago), the amount of followers, friends or fans someone had was the only way to measure their influence over their social media network. Over time, those who were not inclined to embrace the ‘social’ part of social media found ways to boost their counts without really putting in the hard work that it takes to grow a loyal and attentive following. The practice of ‘hoarding’ or ‘collecting’ quickly made follower counts relatively meaningless. So the question became- How do you truly measure your social media influence?

Atari’s 40th Birthday Timeline Infographic

Atari celebrated their 40th birthday this week (specifically, on June 27th) and to commemorate the milestone, the video game maker offered up new games, Facebook giveaways and a little digital marketing geek porn, I mean, an infographic.