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reddit statistics facts

Today's "By the Numbers" installment focuses on Reddit statistics and fun facts. I hope you find these helpful!

reddit statistics facts

Reddit is not a public company and is not as talked about in digital pubs like a Facebook, Google or Twitter, so finding interesting facts and stats was a bit tougher than usual for this one.

Thankfully, the network is very up front with some of their major user stats, so that made getting the basics listed a bit easier. If you can think of a Reddit Stat that you'd like to see here, please leave a comment below and I will include it in my next update if I can find the stat somewhere.

Please note that some of these Reddit statistics and facts are easier to find than others. A few of these stats come from Reddit’s own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

Reddit Facts

  • Website:
  • Launch Date: June 2005
  • Hometown:  Medford, MA
  • Current Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Founders:  Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian

What is Reddit?

The front page of the internet • Reddit is a place for community, conversation, and connection with millions of users worldwide. (source)

Reddit Statistics

How many people use Reddit?

430 million Reddit users

Last updated 6/14/20

How many subreddits are there?

853,824 Subreddits

Last updated 6/23/15

Number of Reddit daily active users:

52 million DAU

Last updated December 2020

Number of Reddit users in the US:

26.4 million monthly active users

Last updated 3/27/19

Number of Reddit upvotes to date:

32 billion

Last updated 12/4/19

Number of active Reddit communities:

130,000 communities

Last updated 6/14/20

Number of Countries with Reddit Users:


Last updated 2/19/16

Number of Monthly Reddit Pageviews:

21 billion

Last updated 6/14/20

Average number of daily votes on Reddit:

58 million votes

Last updated 3/15/18

Average visit length for Reddit:

16 minutes

Last updated 11/13/18

How many redditors:

3.368 million

Last updated 2/19/16

Percentage of piracy takedown notices that were rejected by Reddit:


Last updated 4/18/17

Number of comments left on Reddit daily:

2.8 million

Last updated 3/15/18

Number of daily searches on Reddit:

40 million searches

Last updated 9/7/17

Reported value of Reddit:

$6 billion

Last updated 2/9/21

Number of Reddit Employees:

600 employees

Last updated 2/9/21

Percentage of Reddit that is in English:


Last updated 11/9/17

Average number of monthly Reddit post submissions:

11 million

Last updated 3/15/18

Average amount of video viewing on Reddit each day:

5 million minutes

Last updated 6/12/18

Average amount of native Reddit video views per month:

1 billion

Last updated 10/2/18

Average amount of Reddit video served daily:

400,000 hours

Last updated 10/2/18

Percentage of Reddit video views that occur on mobile:


Last updated 10/2/18

Number of monthly page views for the top Reddit television community:

24 million

Last updated 8/10/18

Number of monthly page views for top Reddit beauty communities:

33 million

Last updated 8/29/18

Number of monthly active users in top Reddit beauty communities:

2.7 million

Last updated 8/29/18

Percentage of Reddit users that are gamers:


Last updated 9/27/18

Number of gaming communities on Reddit:

more than 1,000

Last updated 9/27/18

Projected Reddit revenue from ads for 2019:

$119 million

Last updated 3/27/19

Projected Reddit revenue from ads for 2021:

$261.7 million

Last updated 3/27/19

Number of Reddit comments to date:

1.7 billion

Last updated 12/4/19

Number of Reddit posts to date:

199 million

Last updated 12/4/19

Reported amount of funding Reddit has raised to date:

$800 million

Last updated 2/8/21

Get the Industry Report

dmr industry report company statistics factsThis report is available in an annual industry report. Some of the data in industry reports include:

  • Users
  • Demographics
  • Revenue
  • Growth
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I try to go through each and every stat regularly and update as much as possible, but we all know that some stats are easier to track down than others. As always, every stat is linked to its original source and has the source date listed.

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Number of Reddit Pageviews in 2015:

82.54 billion pageviews

Number of Reddit submissions in 2015:

73.15 million submissions

Number of comments on Reddit in 2015:

725.85 million comments

Number of people that left comments on Reddit in 2015:

8.7 million authors

Number of upvotes on Reddit in 2015:

6.89 billion upvotes

Number of active Reddit subreddits in 2015:

88,700 subreddits

Number of Reddit Live threads created in 2015:

6,300 threads

Number of Reddit Live contributors in 2015:

16,000 contributors

Number of Reddit Live pageviews in 2015:

24..9 million pageviews

Number of Reddit downvotes to date:

2.5 billion

Last updated 6/23/15

Number of installs of the Reddit app in 2014:

1.6 million

Average monthly time spent on Reddit per user:


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Last updated 4/1/13

Percentage of Reddit redditors that are from outside the US:


Last updated 11/20/14

Percentage of US Internet users, aged 14-17 (teens) that use Reddit:


Last updated 10/21/14

Reddit's share of all content shared in the US:


Last updated 1/28/15

Average sales order value for visitors referred by Reddit:


Last updated 3/10/14

Country with the longest average Reddit visit duration:

Iceland @ 47 minutes

Last updated 3/20/14

Amount of monthly video consumption from reddit video embeds:

190 years worth

Last updated 6/5/14

Number of Reddit pageviews in 2014:

71.25 billion

Number of active Reddit communities in 2014:

over 8,000

Number of Reddit posts and submissions in 2014:

54.9 million

Number of times "the button" was pressed on Reddit Between 4/1-6/8/15:

1 million

Amount Reddit made in revenue in 2014:

$8.3 million

Percentage of U.S. online adults that visit Reddit:


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Last updated 7/3/13

Largest demographic for Reddit:

18-29-year-old males (15%)

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Last updated 7/3/13

Number of comments on Reddit in 2014:

535 million

Number of link votes on Reddit in 2014:

3.73 billion

Number of comment votes on Reddit in 2014:

2.01 billion

Number of Reddit live updates posted in 2014:


Number of Redditors gifted reddit gold in 2014:


Number of redditgifts exchange signups in 2014:


Amount of Time it Takes for Reddit's Daily Backup:

5.5 hours

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Last updated 3/1/13

Top Reddit Post of 2013:

What gif reduces you to hysterical laughter every time?

Top Reddit Post of 2012:

President Barack Obama's AMA (5,598,171 votes)

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Number of Reddit Comments in 2012:

404 million

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Number of Reddit AMAs in 2012:


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Number of Reddit engineers:


Last updated 6/23/15

Total number of lines of Reddit code:

213,078 lines

Last updated 6/23/15

Number of Reddit Pageviews in 2013:

56 billion

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Number of Reddit Pageviews in 2012:

37 billion

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Number of Reddit votes in 2013:

6.7 billion

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Number of Reddit Votes in 2012:

400 million

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Number of Unique Reddit Visitors in 2013:

731 million

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Number of Unique Reddit Visitors in 2012:

4 billion

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Number of Reddit visitors from the U.S. in 2013:

48.5 million 

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Average Reddit visit duration in 2013:

15 minutes, 55 seconds

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Country with the longest average visit duration in 2013:

Luxembourg at 32 mins

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Number of Reddit Posts in 2013:

40 million posts

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Number of Reddit Posts in 2012:

30 million

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Most upvoted Reddit post in 2017:

“The Senate. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google ‘The Senate.’”

Top Reddit AMA in 2017:

“I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ask Me Anything.”

Largest new Reddit community created in 2017: