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opera browser facts statistics

Here are a few of the most interesting Opera Browser facts and statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

opera browser facts statisticsPlease note that some of these Opera Browser stats are easier to find than others, so some of these are based on news reports and not official company tallies. All stats are linked to their source unless it was sent to me directly from the company. No stat listed on DMR should be considered in making any type of investment decision. In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don’t guarantee anything.

Opera Browser Facts

  • Website: www.opera.com
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Founders:Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy
  • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
  • CEO:  Zhou Yahui

Opera Browser Statistics

Opera number of users:

350 million users

Last updated 6/22/19

Opera’s share of the worldwide internet browser market:


Last updated 5/1/15

Reported amount of Opera revenue for 2017:

$128.9 million

Number of Opera News users:

90.2 million

Last updated 7/2/18

Number of Opera users in Africa:

120 million users

Last updated 6/22/19

Opera’s Kenyan market share:


Last updated 11/11/16

Opera’s Nigerian market share:


Last updated 11/11/16

Opera’s South African market share:


Last updated 11/11/16

Number of Opera browser desktop users:

51 million users

Last updated 3/11/18

Number of Opera browser mobile users:

277 million users

Last updated 3/11/18

Number of Opera mobile users that are using Opera Mini:

250 million users

Last updated 1/19/15

Number of Opera Android users:

103.9 million users

Last updated 8/26/14

Number of active Opera users in Indonesia:

30 million users

Last updated 1/19/15

Number of active Opera users in India:

50 million users

Last updated 1/19/15

Number of Opera browser employees:

1039 employees

Last updated 3/11/18

Number of Opera Max users:

50 million

Last updated 12/23/16

Number of Opera offices:

25 offices

Last updated 12/22/17

What is Opera?

Opera browser is a free web browser.

Opera products enable more than 350 million internet consumers to discover and connect with the content and services that matter most to them, no matter what device, network or location. In turn, we help advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses. Opera also delivers products and services to more than 120 operators around the world, enabling them to provide a faster, more economical and better network experience to their subscribers.

From family photos and funny videos to business ideas that change the world economy, the internet has always been about discovery. Whether you are a consumer getting online for the first time, or a multinational corporation trying to reach the right audience, Opera can help you discover more online. (source)