MySpace Statistics and Facts Then and Now (2021)

myspace stats

In addition to collecting and listing a billion social media stats, I take my stat geekiness to a whole different level by regularly analyzing the stats from my stats posts. Thousands of you visit these posts daily and I find it interesting to identify patterns in what readers are interested in.

myspace statistics factsThere is a more comprehensive post coming soon with more insights into what social networks people are interested in, but one thing that I have noticed is that people are really, really interested in MySpace's user total. The amount of clicks on the MySpace link ranks right up there with some of the more recently popular sites, so I decided to look at MySpace a bit more in-depth.

Of course, you can't have a MySpace stats post without mention of what they once were, so I mixed in a few of their impressive stats from back in the day.

Myspace Facts:

  • Website:
  • Year launched: August 2003.
  • Headquarters: Beverly Hills, CA
  • Creators: Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe and Jon Hart
  • Owner: Viant Technology

Myspace Statistics:

How many people use MySpace?

15 million monthly visitors

Last updated 4/28/16

Number of monthly visitors to MySpace from the US:

5.5 million

Last updated 4/28/16

Number of MySpace users currently:

50.6 million monthly active users
Last updated 1/23/15

Number of monthly video views on MySpace:

300 million

Last updated November 2014

Number of MySpace users at its peak:

75.9 million

Month/Year of MySpace's peak:

December 2008

Estimated peak value of MySpace:

$12 billion

Month/Year that MySpace was overtaken by Facebook in worldwide users:

April 2008

Number of artists on MySpace:

14.2 million artists

Last updated 3/27/19

Number of songs in the MySpace library:

53 million songs

Last updated 3/27/19

Number of songs uploaded to MySpace daily:

13,000 songs

Last updated 3/27/19

Percentage of teens in France that use MySpace:


Last updated 4/2/15

Percentage of pre-teens in France that use MySpace:


Last updated 4/2/15

Number of MySpace Employees currently:


Last updated 10/30/18

Peak number of MySpace employees:


Location of MySpace currently:

Los Angeles, CA

Amount that NewsCorp purchased MySpace for in July 2005:

$580 million

Amount that Specific Media purchased MySpace for in June 2011:

$35 million