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Microsoft Windows Statistics and Facts

Here are a few of the most interesting Microsoft Windows statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Microsoft Windows Statistics and Facts

Microsoft Windows Statistics and Facts

Launch date of Microsoft Windows OS:

November 20, 1985

Number of Windows 10 users:

1 billion monthly active users

Last updated 3/16/20

Number of countries Windows 10 has users in:

200 countries

Last updated 3/16/20

Percentage of the Fortune 500 that use Windows 10 devices:


Last updated 3/16/20

Number of PCs running Windows globally:

1.5 billion

Last updated 5/7/19

Number of computers that Windows 10 is installed on:

800 million computers globally

Last updated 5/9/19

Number of Windows devices shipped in 2015 (combined):

275 million

Windows Total Desktop OS Market Share:


Last updated 2/1/17

Number of Steam gaming PCs that are running Windows 10:


Last updated 11/2/18

Windows 10 Desktop OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Windows 8.1 OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Windows 8 OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Windows 7 OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Windows Vista OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Windows XP OS Market Share:


Last updated 9/1/19

Number of Windows 8 licenses sold:

200 million

Last updated 2/13/14

Amount Microsoft has paid out in Windows 8.1 bug bounties:


Last updated 10/9/13

Number of Cortana users:

145 million

Last updated: March 2017

Number of questions asked to Cortana to date:

8 billion questions

Last updated 7/20/16

Percentage of Americans that have never used Cortana:


Last updated 6/11/16

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