Mastodon Statistics and User Count for 2024

Last Updated on: January 6th, 2024

Here are a few of the most interesting Mastodon statistics and facts I was able to dig up including restaurant count, revenue totals and employee counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Mastodon Facts

Here is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about Mastodon.

mastodon statistics user count 2023

Mastodon is an open-source, decentralized social media platform that was launched in 2016. Unlike centralized social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Mastodon operates on a decentralized network of servers, each managed by different communities or individuals.

Mastodon’s decentralized architecture means that users can create their own “instances,” which are servers that are part of the wider Mastodon network but have their own rules and user communities. Each instance is independently run, but they are connected to each other and users can interact with other users across different instances.

Mastodon’s interface is similar to other social media platforms, with features such as timelines, posts, likes, and follows. However, it also has unique features, such as the ability to post longer messages, the option to create polls, and a built-in content warning system that allows users to hide sensitive content behind a warning.

Mastodon has gained popularity among those who value privacy and freedom of expression, as well as those who are disillusioned with the centralized and commercial nature of traditional social media platforms.

Mastodon Statistics

Mastodon User Count

How many people use Mastodon?

2million monthly active users (MAU) (3/28/23)

Mastodon Revenue Totals

Nothing to report just yet. Please check back soon for updates.

Additional Statistics

Number of members of the Mastodon general social server:

348,000 members (2019)

Number of statuses shared on the Mastodon general social server:

15 million statuses (2019)

How many posts have there been on Mastodon?

nearly 1 million (2017)

Number of Mastodon instances:

494 (2017)

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