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Google Home Statistics

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Google Chromecast statistics and Google Home Statistics that you need to know.

Google Home StatisticsIn a few short years, Google’s simple little streaming dongle, Chromecast, has become one of the biggest players in the market…and one of the easiest to use. With the release of the 2nd generation Chromecast recently, I decided to take a look at how well Google has done with it so far. Here are a few of the more interesting stats I was able to dig up.

Google Chromecast Statistics and Google Home Statistics

Number of Google Home app downloads to date:

100 million

Last updated 5/3/19

Chromecast’s share of streaming device sales:


Last updated 3/8/16

Chromecast’s share of the US over the top device video market:


Last updated 5/20/15

How many Chromecasts have been sold?

55 million devices sold

Last updated 10/4/17

Number of casts Chromecast users have done:

1.5 billion

Last updated 5/29/15

Number of countries Chromecast is available in:

24 countries and territories

Last updated 2/24/15

Google sold Chromecasts at a rate of one every 45 seconds on launch day in the UK

Number of Chromecasts Google sold in its first year:

3.8 million

Number of Google Chromecasts sold in Q2 2014:

6 million

Number of actions available in the Google Home app:

170 actions

Last updated 4/13/17

Number of smart speakers Google sold in 2017:

over 6 million

Google Home’s share of the global smart speaker market:


Last updated 8/26/19

Google Home’s share of the US smart speaker market:


Last updated 8/2/18

Number of Google Assistant users:

500 million

Last updated 1/7/20

Google Assistant’s share of the virtual assistant market:


Last updated 1/7/20

Number of devices Google Assistant is available on:

1 billion

Last updated 1/31/19

Number of types of smart home devices that Google Home and Assistant work with:

1500 devices

Last updated 1/5/18

Number of brands that build devices that Google Home and Assistant work with:

200 brands

Last updated 1/5/18

Number of voice apps available on Google Assistant:


Last updated October 2017

Google Assistant’s share of smartphone virtual assistant users:


Last updated 7/22/18

Number of Google Chromecast developers:

6,000 developers

Last updated 10/21/14

Number of Google Chromecast apps:

10,000 apps

Last updated 10/21/14

Percentage of US households that have a Chromecast:


Last updated 6/10/14

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