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Google Advertising Statistics and Facts

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Google Advertising statistics that you need to know.

Google Advertising Statistics and Facts

Google created their flagship advertising platform, formerly titled Adwords and now known as just Google Ads, relatively early on in their company lifespan as a way to monetize their enormous growth in search traffic. In the 19 years since launch, Google’s advertising platform has grown into arguably the largest advertising platform in history, gobbling up an insane share of the global digital advertising market. Google’s advertising products reach well beyond the original search product and now offer third party websites the option to monetize their sites by displaying Google ads on them for a share of the revenue through the Adsense platform. As you will see from the Google Ads stats below,  words cannot do justice to the amazing success the digital giant has achieved.

Google Advertising Statistics and Facts

Percentage of global online advertising revenue earned by Google:


Last updated 12/7/17

Number of Google display network sites:

3 million

Last updated 7/31/19

Number of Apps serving Google ads:


Last updated 8/5/18

Total Google Advertising revenue (annual):

Percentage of internet users that Google Display Ads reach:


Last updated 12/9/18

Google’s share of all media advertising revenue (on and offline):


Last updated 12/7/17

Percentage of US search ad revenue that is earned by Google:


Last updated 10/15/19

Number of store visits Google has tracked from ad clicks:

4 billion

Last updated 3/29/17

Number of bad ads taken down by Google (annual):

Number of Google AdSense Publishers:

2 million

Last updated 3/4/20

Number of publishers removed from AdSense in 2016:


Number of publishers removed from AdSense in 2018:


Number of publishers removed from AdSense in 2019:

1 million

Percentage of mobile Google searches that return at least 1 ad on the first page:


Last updated 4/17/18

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