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Gmail statistics and facts

Here is our latest installment of our "By the Numbers" digital statistic post series. Today, we look at some incredible Gmail statistics and facts to get a better picture of how amazingly large a product Google's email service has become.

15 years ago, Gmail burst onto the scene and quickly became a formidable challenger to the AOLs, Yahoos and Hotmails of the time. Since then, Google's signature email product has surpassed those competitors and then some, becoming the standard-bearer for ad-supported, consumer email services.  Gmail has literally become the default personal email service for most of the global internet community. As you can see from the Gmail stats below, Gmail's market penetration is monstrous.

Gmail Facts

Gmail statistics and facts

Gmail History

  • 2004 - Gmail is released publicly to beta testers
  • 2006 - Gmail mobile app is launched
  • 2009 - Gmail exits its beta stage

Gmail Statistics

How many people use Gmail:

1.5 billion Gmail users

Last updated 10/26/19

Average number of spam email messages Gmail blocks daily:

100 million 

Last updated 2/26/19

Gmail's share or the global email client market:


Last updated December 2016

Percentage of incoming messages that are classified as Promotions by Gmail:


Last updated 2/2/17

Percentage of Americans that use Gmail during work hours:


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Last updated 10/2/13

Percentage of the Internet population that Gmail language translation covers:


Last updated 7/7/14

Number of times that the Gmail app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store:

1 billion

Last updated 5/14/14

Percentage of Gmail users that open their email on a mobile device:


Last updated 5/28/15

Average age of a Gmail user:


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Last updated 4/1/14

Percentage of email in the average Gmail inbox that is spam:


Last updated 7/9/15

Percentage of wanted mail that ends up in a Gmail spam folder:


Last updated 7/9/15

Google's claim for Gmail up-time in 2013:


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Google's claim for Gmail down-time in 2013:

about 2 hours cumulative

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Most popular mobile device for Gmail users to open their email on:


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Last updated 4/1/14

Percentage year over year growth for the Gmail mobile app:


Last updated 12/19/13

Percentage of non-spam emails sent to Gmail users that have adopted email authentication standards:


Number of languages that Gmail supports:

74 languages

Last updated 2/25/15

Average Monthly Unique Users for the Gmail smartphone app in 2014:

90.7 million users

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