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flickr Stats and Facts

Here are some of the more interesting flickr Stats I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I will be updating and adding to this post semi-regularly.

For photographers, bloggers and just about anyone with a camera, flickr has been a reliable, helpful photo-sharing service for over a decade. The platform, formerly owned by Yahoo has become known for their ease of use and awesome creative commons image collection that helps publishers find free, attributable images for articles and helps photographers get their work seen by millions.

flickr Stats and Facts Much like its parent company, flickr is keeps their stats pretty quiet. I have been searching for years now for enough flickr stats to create a full post around and it took their 10 year birthday announcement to give me a few stats worth posting. So here you go; this is what I have been able to dig up for flickr stats so far. As always, I will be adding more when/if they become available.

flickr Facts

  • Website:
  • Launch year: 2004
  • Owner:  SmugMug
  • Creators: Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake
  • Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA
  • What is flickr?

Flickr is the photography revolution for sharing, storing, and organizing your photos in one of the largest worldwide photo communities. (source)

flickr Stats

Number of flickr users:

over 60 million monthly users

Last updated 2/27/21

Number of registered flickr photographers:

over 100 million

Last updated 2/27/21

Number of photos flickr members upload on a very high traffic day:

25 million photos

Last updated 1/5/17

Number of photos shared on flickr under a Creative Commons license:

500 million

Last updated 3/8/19

Number of monthly flickr API requests:

more than 7 billion

Last updated 2/27/21

Number of countries flickr has users in:

63 countries

Last updated 2/10/14

Average number of photos shared daily on flickr:

1 million

Last updated 2/10/14

Number of photos shared on flickr:

10 billion images

Last updated 5/7/15

Top camera used by the flickr community in 2017:


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