DMR Cyber Crime Report (February 2018)

These days, it is tough to turn the computer on (or pick up a newspaper, if you are still into that kind of thing) and not read about a new cyber threat or another massive data breach. The truth is, we all have some level of vulnerability to cyber crime, which increases exponentially each time you enter in anything sensitive into a computer.

Businesses are struggling to protect their clients’ privacy and their own reputation by locking down their data. Between increased IT spending and new cyber insurance coverages, the amount being spend on data protection is growing daily.

So what is all the commotion about? How big is the problem?

This report should help answer those questions. It contains all of the most recent cyber crime statistics I have been able to dig up; 100 of them including stats on:

  • The overall magnitude and cost of data breaches
  • Industry data
  • US government cybersecurity protection and spending stats
  • Business attitudes and spending on cyber security
  • Attitudes towards passwords
  • Cyber insurance stats
  • Etc.- all in one place

I try to go through each and every stat regularly and update as much as possible, but we all know that some stats are easier to track down than others. As always, every stat is linked to its original source and has the source date listed.

To get your copy of this cyber crime report, click on the button below to purchase it. I will be updating it as close to monthly as possible, so be sure to check back regularly for a new edition of the report.