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How To: Build and Optimize Your Content Marketing Website

With social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others adding and removing features at the drop of a dime, the need for business to marketers to own your content marketing platform has never been greater.

When done right, marketers have a powerful content marketing tool in their website. In this first installment of my Content Marketing Tool Kit Series of books, I take you through the steps to creating an optimized web platform, which will be the hub of all of your content marketing activity going forward.


How To: Generate Sales Leads Using LinkedIn

With Leveling the Playing Field: A Small Business Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn, you will learn how leverage LinkedIn so your small business can compete against the larger competitors in your industry. I will teach you how to use each of LinkedIn’s core, and lesser known, features to your advantage in your sales efforts. In no time you will be using this powerful social network as a key tool in your lead generation efforts.