Chinese Social Media Statistics (2021) | By the Numbers

Chinese social media

When it comes to social media and messaging apps, China is a very interesting and unique market to study. The most populated country on the planet has a generous mixture of gigantic domestic networks and apps and the few western platforms that haven’t been banned.

Chinese social media

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So how big is social networking and messaging in China? Big, really big.

Here are a few of the more interesting Chinese social media and messaging statistics I was able to dig up in my travels. As always, I will be updating this post periodically as I stumble on new and updated stats, so be sure to check back often.

Chinese Social Media Statistics

Number of Weibo (Chinese micro-blogging service)active users:

222 million MAU

Last updated 11/20/15

Number of LinkedIn users in China:

10 million users

Last updated 7/30/15

Number of Renren (Chinese social network) activated users:

214 million activated users 

Last updated 8/27/14

Number of Qzone (Chinese social network) monthly active mobile users:

568 MAU

Last updated 5/13/15

Number of Mogujie (Chinese social photo-sharing network) active users:

35 million monthly active users

Last updated 6/6/14

Number of daily active Youku Tudou (Chinese social video-sharing network) users:

150 million users

Last updated 3/20/15

Average number of daily Youku Tudou video views:

900 million video views

Last updated 3/20/15

Number of Meipai (Chinese social video-sharing network) monthly active users:

30 million MAU

Last updated 2/6/15

Number of videos that have been uploaded to Meipai:

200 million videos

Last updated 2/6/15

Number of YY (Chinese social video-sharing network) registered users:

773.4 million users

Last updated 6/30/14

Number of LMBang (Chinese social network for women) daily active users:

2.6 million users

Last updated 7/8/14

China Messaging Statistics

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. Many of these stats come from surveys and news reports and not official company or government tallies. All are linked to their source. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

Number of QQ (Chinese messaging app) monthly active mobile users:

639 million users

Last updated 11/10/15

Peak number of concurrent QQ users:

228 million

Last updated 5/13/15

Number of Momo (Chinese messaging app) registered users:

180 million registered users

Last updated 1/5/16

Average number of Wechat (Chinese messaging app) daily active users:

570 million

Last updated 11/5/15

Percentage of the population Tier 1 cities in China that use WeChat:


Last updated 12/1/15

Percentage of WeChat users that open it more than 10 times a day:


Last updated 1/27/15

Number of registered Skype users in China:

100 million

Last updated 11/8/13

Percentage of internet users in China that use Whatsapp:


Last updated 10/9/15