Bike Sharing Statistics

Last Updated on: January 6th, 2024

Bike Sharing Statistics and Facts:

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Bike sharing has become a popular mode of transportation in cities around the world, offering a convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable alternative to cars and public transportation. According to recent statistics, the number of bike-sharing users globally has reached over 800 million, with the majority of users being urban commuters. The Asia-Pacific region has seen the fastest growth in bike-sharing, particularly in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Mumbai. In terms of revenue, the bike-sharing industry generated over $5 billion in 2022, with a large portion of this coming from advertising and sponsorship deals. The future of bike-sharing looks bright, with many cities investing in new infrastructure and technology to support the growing demand for sustainable transportation options. These statistics demonstrate the increasing importance of bike sharing as a key player in the transportation industry.

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Bike Sharing Statistics:

Number of shared bike rides taken in 2018:

36.5 million

Number of station-based bikes available in 2018:


Number of electric scooter rides taken in 2018:

38.5 million

Number of station-based electric scooters available in 2018:


Bike Sharing Company Statistics: