10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza (Pizza Facts for 2024)

Last Updated on: January 8th, 2024

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza (Pizza Facts for 2024)

Pizza, a universally beloved culinary creation, has earned its place as one of the most iconic and mouthwatering dishes worldwide. From its humble origins to mind-boggling consumption statistics, pizza’s popularity knows no bounds. In this article, we will delve into 10 fun facts about pizza that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your passion for this delectable delight.

Pizza Facts and Stats

    1. The Oldest Written Mention of “Pizza”: The word “pizza” was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy. This historic reference highlights pizza’s ancient roots and its enduring place in culinary history.
    2. A Slice of Super Bowl Tradition: Super Bowl Sunday is the top pizza sale day in the United States. As fans gather to enjoy the big game, pizza becomes an integral part of the game-day tradition.
    3. America’s Pizza Obsession: A staggering 93% of Americans indulge in pizza at least once a month. This statistic attests to the widespread love affair that Americans have with this cheesy, savory treat.
    4. Pizza Consumption in Warp Speed: Americans devour pizza at an astounding rate of 350 slices per second. This rapid consumption reflects the enduring popularity and irresistible appeal of this classic dish.
    5. Annual Pizza Consumption Per Person: On average, Americans consume approximately 46 slices of pizza per year. From cheesy classics to innovative creations, pizza remains a staple in the American diet.
    6. A Global Pizza Frenzy: Globally, a staggering 5 billion pizzas are sold each year. This statistic underscores pizza’s status as a universally adored culinary masterpiece enjoyed across continents and cultures.
    7. A Monumental Pizza: The largest pizza ever made was created at Norwood Hypermarket in Norwood, South Africa, in 1990. This colossal creation measured a jaw-dropping 122 feet, 8 inches in diameter and weighed a staggering 26.8 pounds.
    8. Dominating the Pizza Scene: Pizza Hut, with a 14.68% market share, holds the title of the biggest pizza distributor in the United States. Its widespread presence and diverse menu offerings have cemented its position as a fan favorite.
    9. Competitive Pizza Eating: Competitive eating sensation Joey Chestnut holds the record for devouring the most pizzas in 10 minutes. His incredible feat saw him consume a staggering 40.5 slices, showcasing both his appetite and pizza’s irresistible appeal.
    10. Pizza as a Luxury Indulgence: Steveson Pizza, located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, currently boasts the most expensive pizza on its menu. With a price tag of $450 per pie, this luxurious creation combines gourmet ingredients and culinary craftsmanship.

Pizza, a beloved culinary masterpiece, has garnered a global fan base and holds an esteemed place in our hearts and stomachs. These 10 fun facts have revealed intriguing aspects of pizza’s rich history, worldwide popularity, and astonishing consumption statistics. So, whether you prefer a classic margherita or an adventurous gourmet creation, let us celebrate the timeless appeal of pizza and savor each delicious bite.

Pizza Facts

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