10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza (Pizza Facts) | By the Numbers

pizza facts

As a lifelong pizza-lover, this list of pizza facts and stats was a pleasure to work on. Here are 10 things I didn’t know about pizza until now. Hopefully there are a few pizza facts in here that are new to you as well.

Enjoy everyone!

Pizza Facts and Stats

First documentation of the word “pizza”:

997 AD in Gaeta, Italy

The top pizza sale day in the US:

Super Bowl Sunday

Percentage of Americans that have eaten pizza in the past month:


Amount of pizza Americans eat per second:

350 slices per second

Amount of pizza Americans eat per person, per year:

46 slices

Number of pizzas sold globally each year:

5 billion pizzas

Largest pizza ever made:

Made at Norwood Hypermarket, Norwood, South Africa in 1990 (122ft, 8in diameter, 26.8lbs)

Biggest Pizza distributor in the US:

Pizza Hut w/ 14.68% of all US pizza sales

Record for the most pizzas eaten in 10 minutes:

Joey Chestnut (40.5 slices)

Restaurant with the most expensive pizza currently available:

Steveson Pizza, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada ($450 each)