You Need More Than Facebook ‘Likes’ to Sell Your Services

Facebook likesSo, are you one of those managers whose company’s Facebook page has in excess of a million fans? And the ‘Likes’ and shares on your daily posts keep reaching the maximum mark quite too often? Good for you. Or, maybe, there is a cache. The stupendous number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ aren’t filling your pockets enough, because your products aren’t being lapped up with the eagerness your posts are getting popular. In a nutshell, you have incredibly large number of fans, not enough customers.

There is a growing urgency of finding ways to convert fans into leads. If you are yet to crack the code, segue to the following points:

Posting Funny/Viral but Brand Irrelevant Stuff Can Only Take You That Far

There is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that certain posts which are funny or have a strong underlying message turn viral over Facebook, and help you to grab many eyeballs for your page. thus, posting something like that once in a while, or maybe more regularly, is recommended. But when you concentrate all your energies on finding these kind of posts and make you page a cool place to join and have a great time liking and sharing cool posts, you are making your brand disappear somewhere in the fluff. If your fans do not find posts relevant to your brand, and if you are relying too much on the page’s name and profile picture, you aren’t doing a great deal of help to your line of products that were supposed to be advertised through the page.

Hence, keep updating stuff that brings people to your page, but at least twice in a week, post something promotional. And if you can get your designers to create something unique and creative around your products that makes that promotional endeavor interesting enough, you are making all the right noises and are likely to make the right impact for your brand as well.

Interact With Your Consumers

Brands made foray into social media for interacting with their consumers in the first place. The science of virality came into the picture much later. Whenever a company set up its Twitter of Facebook page, it wanted to establish a platform that would facilitate a two-way communication. And nothing facilitates it better than social media. So, make sure that purpose doesn’t get lost somewhere among all the frenzy of viral posts. Look for the customers pertaining to your products and brands. As and when you find the comments where a customer has certain questions or doubts regarding an offering by you or the overall services, do not ignore it. Make an expert answer the question while ensuring customer is getting the answer he is looking for.

Yes, You Must Advertise… But…

Do not go over the top with your promotional activities on the page. it is must to keep consumers updating about your new launches, but don’t make your page all about promoting your services. Making your brand page screaming with promotion is the quickest way to lose fans as they don’t like their news feeds flooded by a company’s product advertisements.

So, there is a suite of ingredients to help you convert those ‘Likes’ into something more relevant for your business. Find out what’s the right recipe for your business and cook it up!

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: FACEBOOK(LET) via flickr