What is Second Screen Marketing and Why Should Brands Care About It?

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This year’s Super Bowl was a digital marketer’s dream. Combine the largest TV audience in history, outrageous advertising spends and a plethora of digital tools at their disposal and you get a pretty fun playground for brand managers to tinker around in.

Digital integration is not new to the Super Bowl. The difference this year is that it was the rule, not the exception. Many brands went well beyond the standard ‘Like us on Facebook’ and ‘Follow us on Twitter’ and identified ways in which they could engage viewers while they were watching the game and their ads.

This idea of a social television where a viewer interacts with the content they are consuming on an additional electronic device is called ‘second screen’ marketing

A second screen can be any screen that is in addition to a TV, but usually refers to a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The goal of second screen marketing is to make TV content interactive and give the content provider a second platform on which to market to the viewer. For advertisers, second screen marketing is a great opportunity to maximize their ad spend and keep the conversation going after the 30 or 60 second spot is over.

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