What is Digital Marketing? (Infographic)

what is digital marketing infographic

When I tell people I am a digital strategist and I blog about digital marketing, I often get a bunch of blank stares. People just don’t have any idea what digital marketing is.

Some of my friends and family think that I hang out on Facebook all day (OK, they may have me there). Others think that I just “do” websites. Others just look at me when I am explaining what I do and I am sure they are hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher speaking. Ugh.

The reality is that digital marketing encompasses a bunch of “stuff.” Where the field once dealt primarily with marketing that shows up on a computer monitor (websites, some SEO and email), we now need to worry about a bunch of different screens to send our message to. Digital marketing in 2013 is really multi-channel, multi-device, integrated marketing.

Here is an interesting infographic from Pixaal. If you are looking to define digital marketing, here is a start. There is a lot here. There is also a lot missing. While I like what they have done, there is no (or little) mention of CRM, marketing automation, lead nurturing, or mobile. Also, there is nothing about digital PR, which is an area of digital marketing that is critical to each of the areas (SEM, SEO, Social) listed in this infographic.

Like I said, there is a lot of “stuff” included in digital marketing. Beyond what is listed above and in the infographic, what else do you consider digital marketing? I’d love to hear various perceptions and definitions of the term.

what is digital marketing infographic