What are the Most Popular Emojis in Each US State Right Now? (Infographic)

popular emoji

Emojis have been around for quite some time, but really have achieved mainstream adoption over the past few years first with the explosion of chat/messaging app popularity and then with their integration into some of the top social networks and operating systems. Lets face it, people like to express themselves visually and these little icons give users an easy way of putting a small amount of emotion or intent behind their written words.

I recently came across this fun little infographic from social analytics company Simply Measured that explores the role emojis are playing in holiday communication this year. I was immediately sucked in when I saw the US map that depicts the most popular emojis in each state on Twitter and Instagram over the past month. Kind of a fun rundown of regional trends. Nice little time-passer. Have a look!

most popular emoji

Oh, and in case you are REALLY into emojis, Simply Measured is also running an IRL emoji contest for an iPad. Details here.