Guest Post: 25 Ways a Video Producer Brings Value to Your Web Video Production?

video producerCorporate and business promotions call for the need of 21st century- video content. With the onset of this competitive decade, there is a constrain on marketing budgets and it is the era of economic editing software and flip cams, therefore more often than not the end product is of substandard quality.

Just like when a few years back, Web technology was newly in vogue, and unprofessional approach to corporate homepages and assigning HTML assignments to unskilled staff led to substandard outcome. Now, no reputed corporate would even imagine building a website without professional assistance; so why compromise with the video?

What you need to realize is that it is more than just scripting, shooting & editing video! Let us try to analyze what a web video production company actually does, so that it is easier to know why it is preferable to get your video marketing content outsourced. This should enable you to understand the superior quality of their output along with value added services in their procedure of video production.

Here, you can see what a video producer does and what he can do for your brand. This will help you understand how getting professional assistance for your video production can show outstanding results compared to the mediocre outcome of unskilled production.

25 Things a Video Producer Does

  1. Works within the constrained finances of the firm;
  2. Charts out a plan for video production and keeps contingencies in case of any mistakes or shortcomings in the plan;
  3. Takes over the authority and accountability of the entire project;
  4. Charts out all the resources required for the production and arranges for them;
  5. Adheres to punctuality and ensures that everything works according to the timetable;
  6. Recognizes personnel with high skill and expertise as well as with a meticulous way of working;
  7. Does not let mood swings affect relations with clients;
  8. Is well versed with the client, his organization, his needs and his history;
  9. Well-versed with technicalities and function of the video production;
  10. Knows how to lead a team and ensure that he gets maximum output from his team;
  11. Will leave no stone unturned to ensure that his production is a success;
  12. Does effective proof reading of the content and re-checks it before delivering it to the client;
  13. Hires everybody on the video production team;
  14. Is well versed with his team’s plans and timelines and ensures that they adhere to the same;
  15. Knows how to dismiss personnel when required;
  16. Oversees location scouting;
  17. Works towards cost cutting to keep it economical without compromising on the quality;
  18. Takes all important calls and doesn’t ignore work-related calls;
  19. Respects the confidentiality of the client;
  20. Is well-prepared for making good first impressions;
  21. Ensures that everything at on-location shooting is in order;
  22. Can be a critic whenever necessary;
  23. Makes sure every person involved with the project is always contactable;
  24. Anticipates anything that could go wrong and thinks long-term;
  25. Removes logistical obstacles so they do not become a drain on the remote team.

Hopefully this post shares some insight into what a video producer does and what kind of value one can bring to your next video production project. Please comment and let us know how you’ve used video successfully in your business.

Image credit: Bob Bekian via flickr

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