The Ultimate Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2015 Predictions and Trends (INFOGRAPHIC)

test tubes photoIn the digital marketing industry, there is a lot of noise. A lot. Because there are so many facets to digital marketing in 2015 and so many pundits telling you how to use each channel and making predictions of future uses, it is very challenging to keep up with what is out there.

Everyone takes a different angle and approach to consumer outreach and there is much to be considered each time you develop a campaign strategy. Even the most organized marketer is bound to have a head-spinning experience at some point while trying to take in and consider all that digital marketing now encompasses.

Thankfully, Mesh, a Boston-area digital agency has creatively collected all of the current and upcoming marketing trends and predictions and displayed them in this super-creative periodic table format. The graphic lays out all of the New Year predictions and trends as “elements” and color codes them based on general digital marketing category. Very cool.

This graphic may cause additional head-spinning, due to the sheer number of “elements” of digital marketing, but it is one I know I will be revisiting a number of times this year as I develop strategy in my day job.

digital marketing cheat sheet

Photo by Horia Varlan