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Percentage of Tumblr reblogs that occur more than 30 days after the post was published:


Last updated 11/4/14

Number of times the average Tumblr post is reblogged:

14 times

Last updated 11/4/14

Average number of times sponsored Tumblr posts are reblogged:

10,000 times

Last updated 11/4/14

Percentage of Tumblr users that purchase products online:


Last updated August 2015

Percentage of teenagers (age 13-19) that consider Tumblr their favorite social network:


Last updated 10/18/13

Top viral Tumblr blog of 2013 (according to Yahoo):

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Top "new and notable" Tumblr blog of 2013 (according to Yahoo):

The Official White House Tumblr

Percentage of time Tumblr users in U.S. spend on mobile app:


Last updated 4/3/14

Revenue per visit from Tumblr referrals:


Last updated 4/24/14

Percentage of 18-29 year olds in the U.S. that have a Tumblr account:


Last updated 5/6/14

Percentage of the Class of 2014 (high school) that use Tumblr daily:


Last updated 6/18/14

Percentage of US Charities and Non-Profits that use Tumblr:


Last updated 6/24/14

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