Tips to Engage Your Target Audience with Mobile Marketing

Mobile relationships are indeed de rigueur these days! Every business organization has to have a mobile marketing strategy in place in order to engage its target audience in an effective manner.

Here are a few tips that will make you an interesting and relevant experience for your target audience.

Be device agnostic

Think responsive web design! You have to internalise the fact that your target audience will use a huge variety of mobile devices and different operating systems to access your content.

Therefore, responsive web design will need you to think about 3 very important aspects:

  • Media queries
  • Fluid grids and
  • Flexible images.

One example of such an impressive responsive web design is The simplicity with which content is presented here got this website a developer award at the AWWWARDS.

The power of text messages

Statistics reveal that 98% of text messages are read compared to only 29% of Tweets, 12% of Facebook posts and 20% of emails. (Source – One example of how a target market was engaged via text messages was the Barack Obama campaign to identify new voters and get them to participate in elections.

The SMS campaign worked in different ways including:

  • Reminding people to register to vote and
  • Using location specific data to remind people for the cut-off dates for registration and
  • Getting people to be aware of the fact that they can also mail their ballots or votes in.

Integrating with the larger picture

For your mobile relationships to succeed, you also need to leverage the visibility of your mobile presence with your bigger social networking presence.

When you get your audience to recall and talk about your application, they are more likely to share it with other people as well. Create awareness of your mobile presence on social media by sharing the link to your mobile landing page.

One little-known tip about social media integration is the use of Facebook Nearby, a smartphone app. Facebook Nearby is all about local mobile search and you can use this by creating Place and Business pages with all your contact details.

Also ensure that ‘Pages’ have your keywords in it. Then, when an individual is searching for a place to go nearby, your business is likely to show up.

Video content

Finally, you also need to invest in good quality video content in order to engage your target audience with mobile marketing. In fact, according to a report by MarketingSherpa, one of the most effective mobile tactics is the inclusion of video content.

Companies such as InMobi state that they have come up with video advertisement platforms that are interactive and ‘context aware’.

Thus, from the time that you design content to the time of execution, your mobile marketing strategy should be all about increasing user experience with great web design and video content as well.

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Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.