The World’s Rudest Cities According to foursquare

foursquare recently wanted to find a way to run easy queries from the enormous amount of data they have collected over the past few years. They wanted to make it so that non-techies in their company could run these queries quickly to aid them in making business decisions.

They found a way to run such queries (I will save you from the geek talk, but if you’d like to know how, here you go), and to demonstrate this new ability, they queried out what they are referring to as the ‘rudest cities in the world.’

foursquare engineers queried out all curse words left in tips in English-speaking countries and organized by cities. Then, they listed the top 20 on their blog.

What they found was that Manchester, UK and El Paso, Texas are, far and away, the rudest cities. My, home away from home, Boston, MA did sneak on to the list at #19.

This is just another example of how data rules the marketing world these days. While listing the ‘rudest cities in the world’ has little value to decision-makers at foursquare, this exercise demonstrates that foursquare has identified the need to translate all of the data collected from their network to help continue to grow their business.

So, what do you think? Did your city make the list? What other kinds of foursquare data do you think would be interesting to query out?