The 50 Most Overused Words in PR (Infographic)

most overused words pr infographic

We all have our buzzwords in the digital marketing and public relations world that just make us all cringe. Words like synergy, guru, ninja and viral come to mind as words that are so overused and so cheesy that we wish they were never created.

Well, now we have evidence of what words are truly overused the most in the PR world. Boston agency SHIFT Communications recently partnered with Marketwire to mine 5,000 press releases from 2012 to figure out what words were used the most and then created this infographic. The results are pretty much what you would expect.

Please bear in mind that these results are based on press releases, so they are the most overused words written by PR pros for clients. What I’d like to see most is an infographic of the most overused words by PR professionals in pitches, proposals and client emails. That is where the really annoyingly overused words will be rearing their ugly heads!

Check out the PR infographic and leave a comment with any buzzwords that you are either surprised to see or not to see in this graphic.

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most overused words pr infographic