The Importance of Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2013

TextingAs small business marketing trends develop constantly, the mobile marketing strategies are becoming just as important as traditional online marketing has been proven to be. In 2013, mobile marketing strategies are even more important than before because smartphones, tablets and other portable devices with Internet access are quickly grabbing an increasing amount of attention. With these devices becoming more and more popular, it seems logical for all small businesses to make an effort and start looking for effective mobile marketing strategies that will place them in front of their competition.

Small business owners have to keep pace with the current trends of mobile device adoption, which are not only intended to be used by big corporations. According to the predictions, the Internet access through tablets, smartphones and other portable devices will exceed the Internet access via PCs by 2015. That is quite an impressive fact that cannot be ignored. New technologies are being developed all the time, and the online marketing techniques we were used to are slowly getting outdated. Small business owners have to explore innovative marketing techniques in order to get the most benefits in the shortest amount of time and minimal costs involved. In this article, we will provide you with great mobile marketing strategies that will help small business owners to improve their game in 2013.

Mobile website conversion with one click

Many small businesses already have efficiently-developed online stores, blogs or websites that are getting a significant amount of attention. However, it is very important for those websites to have great support for mobile devices, otherwise a huge potential is being lost. The service of mobile web design development can turn out to be quite expensive; and that is definitely not an ideal situation for small business owners who typically have limited budgets.

The best solution in that kind of situation is converting the existing website into a mobile-useful version with a reliable and cheap online service. There are few options of such online services and they should definitely be taken into consideration, since they reduce the expenses of the process of developing a mobile marketing strategy by allowing you to convert the already existent website into a mobile website with a few clicks. If your website is using Joomla 3.0, Drupal 7 or WordPress, then you may only need a new template or theme that will have a responsive design built in it.

If your small business still doesn’t have an efficient website and you are planning to make that investment in 2013, then you should be very careful with the choice of the platform and choose one with great mobile support. Rather than developing two separate websites (one standard and one for mobile devices), you should go for a responsive design whose features and layout will be intelligently adjusted according to the device it is being viewed from.

Mobile coupons as a great mobile marketing technique

Small business owners have been using sales and discount coupons for years; and this strategy has been proven as an effective way to get attract more customers on their websites. However, no one can deny that getting those standard coupons to all potential clients and customers of the small business can really be a difficult and frustrating task. In 2013, this marketing technique is being viewed from another perspective: mobile coupons. The mobile version of a coupon can be consumed from tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. This is an ideal solution for small business owners who are looking for a better way to put their coupons in the hands of their target group.

Mobile eCommerce – another effective mobile marketing strategy

Mobile eCommerce has been subjected to a staggering growth during the first half of 2013. Developing a fully-compliant eCommerce store for mobile devices is not an easy task, so you should definitely consider investing a reasonable amount of your budget for hiring a professional developer. If you are not interested in spending too much money and you are proud of your own technical know-how, then you should use Shopify (the leading eCommerce website building tool) in order to develop your eCommerce store. Shopify is a very effective solution for designing a stylish eCommerce website and customizing the online store in a very convenient, practical and easy way.

App store mobile marketing

Promoting a small business through an app on Google Play or Apple’s App Store can turn out to be quite challenging. In fact, a large portion of the apps in these stores are never being downloaded. The application has to be highly ranked for your customers to be able to discover it, so you should implement a specific mobile marketing strategy in order to achieve that. You have to be aware of the download rate at all times; and if you are not satisfied by the results – you have to take a different approach to the entire strategy. This download rate is an important indicator of how popular your app is.

A large number of installs of your app is a proof that your small business enjoys high trust from its customers; and that fact will lead to higher store rankings and more installs. The ratings of your app are also very important, so you should make sure to get them as high as possible. Ask your customers to write reviews and reward them for being so kind! That action will turn out to be very effective for the success of your business in 2013. Make sure to mention your app on all social media websites where you have developed a business profile, so more of your followers will be able to download it.
Conclusion: Start implementing the mobile marketing tips today!

You can start taking actions today by preplanning the first couple of follow-ups in order to make sure that your mobile campaign will carry some momentum. After that, start looking for professional collaborators who will be able to offer support for your project.

Remember, you don’t have to reinvent anything because the mobile marketing strategy has already been tested and valued as highly efficient. Stay focused on the popular trends for 2013 (which we provided in this article), but remember to always implement the already-proven classic marketing methods (such as loyalty, retention and acquisition) and view them from mobile marketing perspective.

Small businesses are making increasing efforts to release more mobile marketing offerings for their clients; and this has turned out to be one of the most important marketing strategies for 2013. If your small business doesn’t go mobile in 2013, it will be way behind its competition. Start taking actions today and develop your mobile marketing strategy for 2013!

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