The App to End Drunken Social Networking?

Well, probably not, but it may save you an embarrassing online moment or two tonight.

The Holiday Party Sobriety Test app (from Webroot, the makers of the Firefox plug-in social sobriety test), runs the user through a series of motor skill tests and then warns you if you are too drunk to be using social media.

Like the plug-in, the mobile app also allows you to indicate sites, like Facebook and Twitter, that you would like to block if deemed drunk. The mobile app also gives you a list of local cab companies to contact if you are deemed to be drunk.

The app is available in the obligatory iOS and Android versions.

Compared to its browser add-on predecessor, you are much more likely to use a mobile app like this when you are away from home, which makes this slightly obvious warning  very important: This app should not be used as a test to determine your ability to drive.

Enjoy the celebrations tonight, be safe and try to stay embarrassment-free!


HT to AllFacebook for bringing Webroot’s latest sobriety project to my attention.