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Facebook’s Nearby Friends Feature and Why You Should Remain Cautious

It’s understood that, due to the advent of the Internet and social media thereafter, face-to-face communication is a less common endeavor. While it’s easy to become comfortable with something like text messaging, though, sometimes the desire to actually see a friend or family member is stronger than any kind of digital means. Enter Nearby Friends, which is the latest feature integrated by Facebook in order for users to see where their friends are.

Your Facebook Friends, For Real

In the eight years since Facebook opened to the general public, how we use the site has changed. Most of us who go back and review our posts from the “early days” see somewhat inane philosophical commentary and updates on the mundane details of life. There are some, though, who haven’t quite figured out just how to use Facebook yet. We all know these people…

7 Factors Small Business Should Consider When Using Facebook

For small business, Facebook is an excellent social media network. The platform allows small businesses to directly interact with current and potential customers. However by accidentally misusing the platform, you may be inadvertently doing more harm than good. In some cases misuse of Facebook by small businesses can actually push customers away. Here are some key factors which small businesses should consider when using Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Targeting – Is It Worth It?

It used to be that organizations would launch a Facebook page, invite some friends, post a little bit, and see organic growth. That was back before Facebook went public. Their main interest was building a user base, and monetizing their user base was secondary. When the user base got into the hundreds of millions and the next logical step was an IPO, Facebook needed to show revenue. And their ad platform has been rather effective in doing so.

Calling In To Tumblr With Audio

The 90’s was an interesting era, to say the least. While technology was not exactly as intuitive as we know it now, there were innovations made that were developed upon. Video games, television, and aspects of that nature were made better during this time and they would only be made better. However, what if I were to tell you that Tumblr was taking a step into the 90’s once again? However, this step entails neither gaming nor TV.

Concerning Twitter’s Password Mass Reset

One of the worst fears that anyone should have when it comes to social media is the idea of their accounts being compromised. There are so many important aspects that they can house, whether it is a matter of location, phone numbers, or what have you. You would not want these to fall into the wrong hands. Recently, that’s what a good number of Twitter’s audience believed happened when they were sent emails prompting them to reset their passwords when they did not trigger them.