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Here is a collection of the latest Social Media Marketing Tools and Tips. I am constantly adding and updating articles, so be sure to check back regularly!

(September 2013) Here are the Latest Restaurant, Retail & Grocery Printable Facebook Coupons

A gigantic listing of every active printable coupon on Facebook that we could find, updated for September 2013. You’ll find deals for consumer goods, retailers and restaurants here.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Google

For over a decade, Google has played a pretty significant role in much of our online activity. Whether we search for something on Google.com, check Gmail, watch a YouTube video, use Chrome to browse, check directions on Google Maps, use an Android device, etc, etc, we are adding to some unbelievable user numbers for Google.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Selfies (Selfie Statistics)

So how crazy is this selfie phenomenon? Here are some of the most interesting (and scary) selfie statistics I’ve stumbled across in my stat-seeking travels. Enjoy!

14 Tools You Should Be Using to Generate Blog Traffic

The old cliché “Content is King” has never been more true in the digital marketing world. New, fresh, sharable website content not only builds your brand and generates potential leads, but it also keeps your consumers engaged and connected to your brand.

Generating your content is tough, but once you come up with the killer blog post or case study, how do you let people know about it?

20 Interesting MySpace Statistics and Facts Then and Now (2020) | By the Numbers

A comprehensive listing of Myspace stats and facts. Of course, you can’t have a MySpace user stats post without mention of what they once were, so I mixed in a few of their impressive stats from back in the day.

20 Valuable Tips for Building Strong Media Relationships

Reviewing and reinforcing strong media relationships should be an important part of every PR professional’s standard routine. Connecting with media professionals is vital for anyone in a press relations role. In order to remain effective, PR professionals must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate tactics and follow guidelines for being tactful. Here are 15 tips for building strong media relationships:

220 Amazing LinkedIn Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers

Updated for 2020. Here are the most interesting LinkedIn statistics and facts available including number of users, membership demographics and much more