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For years, DMR has been a top destination for marketers looking for the latest SEO stats and strategy. The follow is a rundown of each SEO post we have written over the years.

How To: Get Your Site Found in Google Search Results

So how do you optimize your site to ensure you achieve the best possible search ranking possible? Of course, a majority of your success will come from having quality content, but there are a number of other page features that you need to pay attention to as well. Following the tips in this post should get you some pretty solid results.

How To: Repurpose Content for Link Building in 2014

Repurposing content has various advantages. Creating fresh content every time, and in huge quantities, is extremely time-consuming and involves a good deal of hard work. Repurposing steps in here and helps overhaul your content into something new and enhanced which gives a fresh spin to your work. This Infographic shows best resource for content marketing and more methods for repurposing content.

3 Reasons Self-Hosted Video Is Better Than YouTube

Self-hosting your videos rather than using a third party (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) brings many benefits that can help any small business, SME, blog or e-commerce website make a return from their investment in video. Here we have listed the main three reasons businesses and blogs are turning to self hosted video….

Guest Post: What to Look For in Selecting the Right SEO Company

The power of the digital revolution just cannot be undermined. The success of both search based engines and social networking sites is synonymous with the power of being able to get instant information. But with digital data being generated at a rapid pace, are you truly able to influence your digital audience in the way you desire? Are you able to keep up with the many emerging trends in online marketing? Rework your digital strategy and gear up to hire an SEO company that can make a difference.