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Augmented Reality: Bringing 3D Virtual Reality to Real World Marketing Campaigns

Over the past year, augmented reality has penetrated the mainstream marketing world- and in a big way. From online commerce to product packaging, augmented reality is being used to give the consumer a very unique and personal experience.

Here is a rundown of how some brands are using augmented reality in more traditional advertising campaigns..

What is Second Screen Marketing and Why Should Brands Care About It?

The marriage of television and web is becoming closer and more integrated by the day. Second screen marketing is an excellent tool for anyone, network or brand, that wants to extend the life of their production and get a bit more bang for their investment. By bringing your viewers online, you open up all kinds of new avenues on which you can market to the viewer well after the event, show, video or ad is over.

Want a Successful Facebook Page or App? Advertise It!

Throughout my years in the digital marketing world, I have found that the best approach to creating a successful Facebook engagement is when you combine engaging page or app content with creative, targeted advertising. Content is the most important element of your campaign, but almost equally important is identifying who your most likely audience is and marketing your page or app to them.

Facebook Tip: Now You Can Tag Pages in Photos

Imagine you just bought a new Jeep Wrangler and took your three best friends out for an inaugural spin in the new wheels. You stop and snap a picture of your three amigos in the Jeep. You then decide you want to show the world your new vehicle and post it to Facebook.

Naturally, you would tag your friends in the photo when you upload it, but now you can tag more.

Are Brick and Mortar City Libraries Still Necessary?

This certainly isn’t a political blog, but with all of the recent fervor over local, state and federal budgets, it got me thinking about areas in governmental budgets where technology could curb spending…

One item that comes to mind quickly is the local library.

With the advent of ebooks and the multitude of devices that you can read them on, I question what exactly should be the function of a city library?

How You Can Raise Autism Awareness On (and Off) line

Autism Speaks is working on a campaign to promote autism awareness that integrates digital and traditional marketing pretty well.

The Light it up Blue campaign encourages people to show their blue on April 1st and 2nd. Their microsite gives all the details about what you can do to help offline (wear blue, host an event, change you lightbulbs to blue, etc) and online (place a banner on your site, blog/tweet about autism, change your Facebook avatar and/or status to reflect the effort, etc).