Surefire Ways to Boost your Online Brand Reputation

boxes photoNowadays, people go to the internet and online shops to post their items and look for buyers or look for sellers for particular items. Internet has indeed marked a big contribution in our lives especially when it comes to online shopping. It makes our life easier, more convenient and hustle free.

Imagine the hustle and stress you experience when you go to the shopping mall. Traveling to the mall and going back to your house already take up a considerable portion of your time.

In online shopping you can just sit down, open your internet access, search for your favorite online brand, and voila! With just one click, you can shop anywhere you want and anytime you want. Unlike malls, some online shops are 24-hours. Online shops also have different brands. However, in online shopping, you need to be cautious in making transactions. Take time search for their background, their status, or even proof that they are credible.

Meanwhile as a seller, you must see to it that you have a very reasonable and competitive price. Giving some freebies can help you gain more clients as well as return clients. Prove to them that regardless it is online, you still have a “personal touch” on their purchased item. In this way, consumers appreciate the effort you give to them. We call this “invisible service”.

This “invisible service” provides a non-negotiable effect on customers that can make them realize that even if it’s online, you made sure you anticipate and better yet exceeded their expectations. As such, you are helping to boost your online brand reputation. Aside from freebies, you can also have implement a promo or sale just like any other shopping malls do.

Having your own unique marketing ideas will help your online shop to catch the attention of consumers. Being an online brand favorite is not easy; you can’t have it with just a snap of your finger or an item that you can buy anytime you want. It is something to work for. On your first attempt, maybe you’ll fail. But don’t be unmotivated; instead turn it as a challenge. Know your flaws and try not to do it again. It has a long-term process wherein you need to study and analyze.

First, know your market. Ask yourself who will be your target market, how many people will surely appreciate your products and what is its market value.

Second, look for your supplier. Look for someone who is willing to give almost half of the mall’s price. Just remember, make sure that the supplier is tried and tested. Conduct a brief background of their business (e.g. how long they have been in that nature of business, where did they get the products, etc.).

Lastly, establish your own brand standard. People are always looking for something new. Everything you gain will definitely be the fruit of your hard work.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

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