Stumbled Across: Website for one-stop essential software download shopping

We’ve all been there. Either you get a new computer or you have had trouble with your old computer and need to reinstall all your software. Finding all the ‘freebies’ you had or need on your computer and installing them could take hours, if not days. Recently, a coworker shared with me. It is a huge help for me when I have to set up multiple new computers at work.

Ninite is a simple site that allows you to select dozens of popular Windows software necessities like Chrome, Firefox, Itunes, Skype, Adobe Flash and Reader, Hulu, Steam, etc and download/install them using one simple install program. This saves you a ridiculous amount of time and energy and makes provisioning new computers truly background work.

Additionally, Ninite strips out the annoying toolbar installs that a number of the more popular software downloads come with these days.

I have already used Ninite four times over the Holidays and it has made my life so much easier. Definitely worth checking out!