How To: Speed Up Your WordPress Site (Infographic)

wordpress speed

When it comes to generating web traffic, speed matters. For every additional second it takes for your page to load, exponentially more of your visitors bounce.

Digital marketers love  blogging platforms like WordPress because of their simplicity and easy-to-add functionality. Of course, many of us, at times, fall into the trap of focusing more on functionality and aesthetics and less on the basics like pagespeed. If you aren’t careful, you can easily go on a plugin binge and litter your site with a bunch of large, uncompressed images and your WordPress site become unacceptably slow.

Thankfully, we have friends in the industry like WhoIsHostingThis looking out for all of us and offering up a little guidance. Here is a very helpful infographic they created to help us all put our slow WordPress websites on a New Years diet and keep our visitors sticking around a bit longer.

I personally use many of these tools and tactics on this site. One of my favorite tools is P3 Plugin Performance Profiler, which is mentioned below. It scans your site and tells you which of those many plugins you installed are slowing down your site.

If you have any additional pagespeed tactics, please leave a comment below and share.

wordpress speed

Infographic credit: WhoIsHostingThis

Image credit: William Warby via flickr